On This Very Day 2019

Letter to my Mother: Happy Birthday Mummy

I am a believer and I believe in the Word because is God’s inspired. However, anytime I stumbled on the Hebrew 9:27 that says, “It is appointed for a man to die once…” I get angry because I wish that scripture is not applicable to my mother. Unfortunate, God is not a respecter of a person (Acts 10:34).

From my studies, I have come to the understanding that there are five levels of womanhood. They are as follows: Girl, lady, wife, mother, and grandmother. A female is born a girl, grow to be a lady, become someone’s wife by choice, conceive, and deliver a child or children. Producing another mother is what qualifies her to be a grandmother. There are many girls, several ladies, a few wives, but mothers are scarce. Of course, without a mother, the position of a grandmother is not in view. The above is what reminds me of the famous proverb in the south-west of Nigeria, that says, “Iya ni wura, Baba ni jigi.” Translation, “Mother is gold; and Father is a Mirror.” Five years ago, I lost my gold (my mother) and since, I never recover from that shock that my mother could leave this world on a journey of no return.

As it is easy to buy a mirror from the store, but you have to be very prepared to obtain magnificent gold. This is the secret; neither a real mother can be found on the street, nor can it be purchased for money. Good mothers are God’s gift that cannot be quantified by money. May 20th of every year is when I wish I could be around you and celebrate your birthday, but unfortunately, your situation is beyond what I can comprehend. I wish God could spare your life to this day. Although, with God’s help, I have been able to carry myself well and attracted tremendous and many women to my life. Ranges from the former, vice president of Oral Robert University, to the mother-in-law of Pastor David Oyedepo Jr’s wife and other great women of reputations. However, nor could take the place of Grace Oluyanbo Adedokun. In 2012, when I was leaving for the United States of America, I can remember vividly, when she saw me off to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos State, Nigeria. She prayed the prayer that Isaac prayed for Jacob upon me. How I wish, she could pray it again.

Mrs. G. O Adedokun taught me life, how to live, and carry myself. She shared things that she never discussed with any of my sisters. Many people have called me their son, but they know their real biological son, while I know my biological mother. This is the secret; a good woman will never forget the day of her labor. The agony and discomfort that she experiences during labor. The unpleasant condition that she finds herself and the unbearable pain before, during, and after birth. When My wife and I had our second and third children, I was left with my wife; nobody could help I have to do all that I saw my mother did to my siblings during their birth. It was then that I released that I don’t have my gold anymore. I can remember when some people called in to give valid excuses for their failure to come to help out. However, I know someone who will never present any reason, but she will ensure that she makes it and come to my rescue; her name is Mrs. Adedokun.

I wish
I wish she still here again
I wish she could even call my name again
I wish she could share some of her wisdom again
I wish she could sell her gold to get me on the go again
I wish she could let go of her needs to meet my own needs again
I wish she could write my name down in the Bible and pray for me again

On this day of every year, I will forever be grateful to God for the womb that conceived me, the breast that fed and the hands that nurtured me. Mama Jeje, Mama Ni Israeli, Mama Oluwarotimi. She is not General Overseer, but her initial is G. O. I pray that heaven will find you worthy, and may your good record speaks for you on the day of Judgement. Your irreplaceable virtues, love, and zeal for the things of God will be forever be remembered, and your personalities virtuous speak to all generation.

From your Only Son. Oluwarotimi (God Stands With Me).

…be inspired, live an abundant life and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

My Mother

MummyShe was a fighter. She was born into it. She never withdrew from it. She taught me how to do it and how to do it well. It is not a physical fight but a spiritual fight as we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

She was there for me. She was the backbone of the family. When responsibility was not taken by the leader, she stepped out boldly to do the necessary. She stood for all the family members. She was not designed to be, but the empty space must be filled. Those that don’t understand thought she was too pushy.

Her fight was not limited to our family alone. As you know capacity will be develop for more if you utilize the little in your hands. She prayed for people, helped them out of their predicaments. She counseled many without degree in Principles in Biblical Counseling. She saved many marriages without degree in Marriage Counseling with concentration in CBCT (cognitive behavioral couple therapy).

She has passion to see others being happy. She gave her time, energy and resources to do the things of God. She does not know when to stop helping. She never gives up on a fight to deliver others from the battle of life. In the process she gave her life. She only believed that God is able. She trusted in God. She forgot that she cannot fight every fight or protect everyone.

When I did not know God. She compelled me to know Him. She prayed my spirit into knowing God. She let me to know I don’t have option than just to know God. She said to me, “Rotimi I asked you from God and I told Him, I will give you back to Him. That was why I called you Samuel.” She continued, “You are the solution to the problem that I faced in my marriage.”

She almost got kicked-out of her matrimony home, because she could not produce a male child on time. Finally, God heard her prayers. He molded and deposited me into her womb. She always saw me helping her in her dreams, before I became real in her hands.

She taught me the ways of God. She loves me. She taught me how to keep a marriage. She taught me not to retaliate to the hatred of men, that vengeance belong to God. She was an example to what God can do to anyone that follows and serves Him with a true heart. She told me not to get stuck with my weakness but to develop on my strength.

She was a giver. She was a mother. She was a prophetess. She was Mrs Grace Oluyanbo Adedokun. She is supposed to celebrate another birthday today but she has gone to be with the Lord.

She was called Mama Jeje (Gentle Mother) in her Church. She was called prophetess by her followers. My siblings called her Mummy. All grandchildren called her Grandma, but I called her Mama ni Isreal (Mother in Israel). She was full of energy for God, discipline to study the bible and she always pray round the clock. She will never watch her children indulge in anything that is against the will of God. She does not have replacement.

She fought my fight. She paid my debt. She covered my nakedness. She took away my shame. She restored my confidence. She believed in me. She was always there for me. She almost took the place of Jesus in my life. I matter to her always. She never say NO to me. She has regards for me, though I am her only son. Her image always comes back to me.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have the privilege to pay back. I actually separated from her after my marriage but every time I remember, I know, I am still owing my Mother. I wish I have one more opportunity to show how much she means to me.

She is supposed to celebrate another birthday today May 20th, but she does not have the privilege. I will forever remember you. She’s the mother that makes womanhood worthwhile. I love you mummy.

I remain your Son

Rotimi Adedokun