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MeY= Your
O= Own
U= Universe

You Can Do What You Don’t Like And Still Excel, But Until You Do What You Are Designed To Do You Cannot Be Happy.
You Are The Key To Your Life, Only Your Vote Is Needed To Win The Presidential Election Of Your World.
You Are The Determinant Of Your Life, Whatever People Say Or Don’t Say Has Nothing To Do With The Outcome Of Your Life.

It Is All About You
It Is All About Your Impression
It Is All About Your Words
It Is All About Your Perceptive
It Is All About Your Thinking

Everything Is Coming Back To You, Either Good Or Evil
Everything Will Work For You, If You Believe
Everything Will Benefits You, If You Trust In It
Everything Will Make Room For You, If You Fight To Breakthrough

Love God
Love Your Spouse
Love Yourself
Love Your Vision
Love Your Team

If Things Don’t Work You Are To Be Blame
If Life Is Difficult You Are To Be Blame
If Everything Turns Upside And Down You Are To Be Blame

Poor Inside Is Poor Outside
Wise Inside Is Wise Outside
Dull Inside Is Dull Outside
Rich Inside Rich Outside
Flourish Inside Is Flourish Outside
Smart Inside Is Smart Outside

Only You Know You
Only You Can Fix You
Only You Can Change You
Only You Can Decide You
Only You Is In Charge Of You

You Need To Talk To You
You Need To Be Sincere About You
You Need to Correct You
You Need To Love You
You Need To Believe In You

Believe Is Possible…Be Positive
Believe In Your Self…Imagine A New World
Believe In Your Action…Take Positive Step
Believe In You Plans…Sit To Invest
Believe In Your Purpose…Build Capacity
Believe Is The Key That Unlock impossibilities

Life Is All About YOU

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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Be Original

OriginalThe Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

The Best Way To Create It Is To Work It

The Best Way To Work It Is To Believe It

The Best Way To Believe It Is To Say It

The Best Way To Say It Is To Conceive It

The Best Way To Conceive Is To Receive It

The Best Way To Receive Is To Perceive It

The Best Way To Perceive It Is Not To Be Deceive By It

The Best Way Not To Be Deceive By It Is To Be Yourself.

The Best Way To Be Yourself Is To Be Original

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun