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MAN…One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.



Equality In Homes Is The Source Of Unending Divorce In The World.

This Is One Fact About Life That You Can’t Boycott: Men Are The Head Of The Home And Women Is Their Helpers. Thinking Otherwise Is Naïve.

Equality In Home Is The Devil’s Concept To Destroy Marriages.

Remember God Is The Only Wise God. He Has A Strong Reason For Setting Up Marriage That Way.

Life Is Simple If You Place According To The Set Rules And Practice The Foundational Secrets.

Anything That Has Two Heads Is A Muster, So HomesAre Head By Men, Men And Women.

One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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The Power Of New Beginning

MeThere Is Nothing Wrong If You Fail, But Remember People Only Celebrate Success. If You Have A Vital Reason For Your Failure, I Have Undeniable Reason For You To Begin Again. Therefore Imagine A New World Of Possibility For Your Life.

There Is Nothing Wrong If You Stop But Everything Is Wrong If You Don’t Want To Start Again.

Life Is Either Failure By Person Or Event. You Failure By Event When Circumstances Throw Challenges At You, But You Failure By Person When You Don’t See Reason To Fight Back And Try Again For You New Beginning.

Whatever Happen, Happens To Everyone. The Same Rain Falls On The Rich And Poor, The Tall And Short, Black And White. The Same Sun Shine On Everyone. So It Is Not About What Happen But What You Do. You Can Change Whatever You Don’t Like By A New Beginning.

Don’t Let Be Heard That It Is You That Refuse To Take Responsibility For A New Beginning.

Your Lack Of Proper or Inadequate Knowledge Is Not Only What Register You In The School Of Failure, But Your Inability To Leverage And Continue When Life Throw Blow At You.

New Beginning Is Not Beginning.

Beginning Is The Startup Of A New Course That You Believe. While New Beginning Is The Force That Refuse Failure, But Embrace Work And Support Zeal Until Success Is Surface.

The Benefits Of New Beginning

New Beginning New Life
New Beginning New Power
New Beginning New Zeal
New Beginning New Focus
New Beginning New Strength
New Beginning New You
New Beginning New Passion
New Beginning New Goal
New Beginning New Joy
New Beginning New Peace

New Beginning Is The Secret To Every Invention. Those That Refuse To Start All Over Never Cross Over.

Start To Love Again
Start To Develop Yourself Again
Start To Save Money Again
Start To Plan Again
Start To Serve Again

God Created A New Beginning By Introducing Jesus Christ.
Jesus Came To This World As A New Beginning For Mankind.
Paul Apostle Yield To Jesus Commandment By Saying Yes To A New Beginning.

The Definition
New Beginning Is The Ability And Drive To Start Something New Irrespective Of The Prevail Circumstances

Where To Have New Beginning

You Can Give Your Life To Jesus Christ And Start All Over– Your Past Doesn’t Count But Your Sincerity Of Heart.
You Can Love Or Respect Your Spouse Again–Divorce Is Not A Solution. Everybody Needs Love
You Can Start The Business Again– What You Have Lost Will Only Be Back If You Try Again.
You Can Start Running The Vision Again– Fail Forward And Not Backward. Your Vision Is Real, If Only You Can Consider A New Beginning.

Think Through

If God Give-up On You Where Will You Be?

The Secret
Lack Of New Beginning Is Inaction, And Inaction Is The Platform For Disappointment.

The Word Of New Beginning

I saw Heaven and earth NEW-CREATED ( New Beginning). Gone the first Heaven (Your Past), gone the first earth (Your Past), Gone the sea (Your Past). (Revelation 21:1 MSG)

Call For Action

Think Of One Thing That You Believe, But No More In Your Heart Because Of Past Failure. Revisit It Today By Engaging The Power Of New Beginning.

Nothing Works, Until Someone Take Responsibility.

Think Life Realization Think New Beginning.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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