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Be Thankful

Bishop TD Jakes said, “Until you are thankful for what is not enough, what you have will not be more than enough.”

Thanksgiving is an appreciation for more. After my admission into the University of life, I quickly learn the following: Fullness is the cure for emptiness; Lack is the firstborn of ingratitude, and Increase is provoked by appreciation. I am very sure that you are not where you want to be, but one thing that you forgot is that you are not where you use to be. You cannot lead and follow at the same time. God is the one in charge of your destiny, starring the ship of your life. All you need to do is to enjoy sailing and appreciate the captain’s effort.

Think about last year November and December, you have a court case pending now the case is dismissed. Last year you were still a student, but now you are a graduate. Last year you were single now you are married. You celebrate your promotion and forget the promoter. You announce your success, but you neglect the one who initiated it. Those who close their eyes to little changes will never witness a significant difference. To keep seeing God’s hands, you must continually appreciate His fingers.

This is my question today; Are are you thankful? If Yes, are you giving thanks to God? If yes, are you consistent, steady, and intentional about it? I am glad you that you want to know about consistent, steady, and intentional thanksgiving. What is consistent? It is doing the same thing for an extended period, at the same time, in the same place, with the same heart and the same passion and drives with or without supervision until you get your desired results.

Consistent thanksgiving is giving thanks to God without waiting for the last Thursday in November, and December 21 of every year. I thank God for thanksgiving day and birthday celebration. Still, those who are consistent thanksgivers don’t wait for a specific day to appreciate God’s faithfulness in their lives. They just do it. The do it, anyway, anyhow and everywhere.

Steady thanksgiving is the spirit of celebration, which compels you to appreciate God’s faithfulness before, during and after chaos. Those who give God thanks during good times will be exposed in hard times. If you are only eager to give thanks when you receive pay raise, birthday, receive a bonus, then you are not a steady thanksgiver. The word steady means firm and established. Come rain come sun, you are there doing what you know how to do for God not compel or force by situation, circumstances, celebration or holidays, but by personal convictions.

Consistent and Steady thanksgiving are good, but you need to be intentional. Intentional thanksgiving is from the heart, not from the head. When you are facing the challenges life, what is in the heart will disappear, but only what is your heart will react. An intentional thanksgiving is a spirit that response in the midst of danger and fear.

Think about this, what response will you expect from a man whose airplane was about to crash? What answer do you expect from a man who was given a speed ticket while coming from church service? What response do you expect from a man who lost his job a day after sowing his whole paycheck to a church project? Listen, there are some things you cannot explain, but you have a choice to respond to situations as a thanks giver or as an ingrate.

Why me Lord is the response of an ingrate, but thank you, Jesus, is what proceeds from the mouth of a thanks-giver. Deep thought is what birth good and great response. If you are not thoughtful, you cannot be positive. If you are complaining about your seemingly negative situation, my question to you is, what if you are dead? Only those who see good in evil will have the opportunity to watch their evil turn to good. This is what David and Hezekiah said, “dead cannot praise you Lord” (Ps115:17 and Is 38:18-19). For your breath, give praise and say thank you, Lord.

The consistent drive is what you will need to pull away from the challenge of life, steady and passionate spirit is what you will need to start against the wild things of life, and intentional positive thoughts are what you will use to combat negative thoughts. This is the secret, BE THANKFUL.

Remember, thanksgiving is for thank givers who won’t stop giving thanks and always remain thankful.

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

Thanksgiving: The Hidden Secret of World Changers

This morning I come to tell you “DO NOT FORGET.” In this world of busyness, where everyone is doing something, and everything is calling the attention of everyone. I think you need to take a break and think, reflect and count your blessings. This is what I have come to understand it is easy to forget. However, forgetfulness comes with a price and negligence comes with a penalty, because ignorance is not an excuse in a law court.
The author of Psalms 103:2 said, “Praise the Lord, my soul, and FORGET NOT all his benefits.” I know you are asking Rotimi do you mean, I should be thankful all the time? Yes, I think you are right, you should be thankful all the time and not just today. I am not saying you should be 100% perfect, there are things you could forget, and God will not penalize, but not Thanksgiving. You can forget your meal, daily hygiene, sleep, submit your academic assignments, to show up for work and don’t inform your supervisor, you can forget to tell your spouse that you love him or her. It is okay to forget to be a responsible parent, I mean you could forget to file your tax return, to pay your mortgage and car loan. If you cannot forget those necessities of life, you should always remember to give God thanks. Outside your breath nor of the above life necessities could be accomplished, so the person who gave you the breath commanded let everything that has breath praise me (Ps 150:6). This is a big secret. Thanksgiving is non-negotiable.

King Hezekiah fell sick in Isaiah 38 because he does not give God glory for what God did in chapter 37. Anytime you see King Nebuchadnezzar you could inquire about his experience when he became beast because of his refusal to give God the glory (Daniel 4:28-37). One king who neither studies the happening in Babylon nor asks questions from King Nebuchadnezzar repeated the same error in Acts 12:21-23, he was not given the opportunity to learn. Instead, he was smitten to death on his own throne.

The Secret
God created everything in Genesis one, but he did not create thanks for Himself. What He did to get His thanks is, that He made it a point of duty for all of His creature to appreciate Him at all time. Remember, What Apostle Peter said, “You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation, a peculiar people; that you should show forth THE PRAISE OF HIM WHO has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1Peter 2:9). Anytime you give God thanks; He gives you access to whatever you need and wants in life (Ps. 100).

Thanksgiving is a miracle. In the beginning, God breathed into a statue and the standing clay became a living being. The breath of God, therefore, is the source of happening in human. David then said, let everything who has that breath of God remind Him (Ps 150:6). If you forget everything and remind God of his breath in you, He will remember and give you all that is within you that you need outside you (Ps103:2).

I was in the Rev Sam Adeyemi Leadership class in 2009, among many things that I learned was the secret to access anybody. My mentor Jim Rohn said, “Everything is within reach.” Putting those two life secrets together, I had developed an intellectual muscle to access everything that I need, including God. Therefore, I can boldly say, that there are many contact phone numbers to access heaven, but they are only two direct phone numbers to God. The two emergency lines to God: complaint (Complicate things – Jer. 13:15-17, Mal 2:1-2), and thanksgiving (Multiply things). God disdain complains line (1Cor 10:10 & Number 11:1-2) while thanksgiving line makes Him get things done for you by Himself – ask Paul and Silas (Act 16:24-26).

Today, Thursday the 22nd November 2018, is not a good day to complain, let it be a good time to show your appreciation to your creator. He knows your need and knows your name. Regardless of the number of people in the world, He knows your need.

One day, I had the privilege to visit the Salvation Army in the state that I currently live. I saw homeless, hopeless and needful people and families, who were born in the United States of America. I also drove the street at night, and I saw people who slept on the roadside because they are homeless. Immediately that song came to me that all I have to say is thank you, Lord. I wasn’t born in the US, yet in my six years in the United States I have never beg for money nor look up to the government to pay my rent. I had paid people’s rent and fed families and invested thousands of dollars into God’s kingdom (To God be all the glory). God blesses me with the most beautiful lady in the world, the uncommon super three kids, and a great future with clarity. They told me I have an accent yet, I broke their records and set a new record. They said is not possible, yet God silences the enemy and enthrones me. Other may forget their old ways in Nigeria, but for me, God has done me well that is why say, He is God from beginning to end, and there is no place for argument.

Today, I challenge you to write down three things why you are thankful. You cannot afford to forget, but you must be thankful. Thanksgiving is a commandment; and commandments are lamps (Pro 6:23). Thanksgiving is not a principle; that may work or might not, instead, it is a mystery that always works.

I will leave you with three secrets:

1. Do not forget God’s goodness and mercies (P118:1)
2. Do Not Forget God’s Goodness and Mercies
3. Repeat 1 and 2.

…be inspired, live an abundant life and help others because life is good.

Rotimi Adedokun

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The Secret Way To Live A Life Of Fulfillment

1. Thanksgiving Is The Secret To All Around Success. What You Want To See Happen And What Is Happening Are All ProductS Of Thanksgiving. Remember; In Everything Give Thanks Not For Everything.

2. Thanksgiving Is The Platform For More. It Is The Secrets Way To Get The best Of God And Men. Lack Is An Indication Of Ingratitude. To Get What You Need You Have To Give What You Have.

3. The Fulfillment Of Destiny Has It Root In Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Is The Provoker Of Good Success. If You Can Giving Thanks For Little You Will Soon Manager More.

4. Give Thanks For Your Life. You Are Not Better Than Those That Are Struggling With Their Lives. Some Are Dead And Some Are Sick, But If You Are Alive And Healthy Give Thanks.

5. Living Without Gratitude, Is Wasting Without Knowing. Greatness Is A Product Of Appreciation And Appreciation Is The Force Of Attracting A Good Life.

6. Thanksgiving Is The Key To Faithfulness. It Is Secret Of Fruitfulness. Remember If You Are Not Faithfull In Little Nobody Will Commit Into Your Care The True Riches.

7. If You Give Thanks For The Little That You See Can, You Will Soon Give Thanks For The Much That Will Soon See. Greatness Has It Foundation In Gratitude.

Think Thanksgiving Think Multiplication

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”