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THE TRUTH (32) — THE SECRET…05022015


The 12 Mandatory Foundational Keys For Living Life

1. There Is One Thing That Can Never Be Stopped If One Thing Is In Place. Result Cannot Be Stopped If Work Is In Place. What Others Have To Say Has Limit To What You Want To Be, Do And Have.

2. If You Care About The Response That You Are Getting At The Beginning You Will Not Live To See The Goodies Of The End.

3. If You Don’t Align And Get It Done Someone Will Come And Lead You Away From Your Purpose. If You Are Not In Charge You Will Be Charge. If You Don’t Take Charge You Will Pay Charges.

4. It Is Better To Try And Fail Than Not To Try At All. Those That Try And Fail Are Candidate For Winning. Winning Is A Product Of Daily Practice Without Mindset Of Failing.

5. If You Refuse To Stop You Have Successfully Refused To Fail. Real Life Has It Root In Zeal For Result And Fulfillment Of Purpose.

6. If You Do It Like Others You Will End Up Like Others. If You Live For Purpose You Will Change Your World. If You Run For Nothing You Will Be Stagnated, But If You Run For Life You Will Excel.

7. Greatness Is Hidden In Your Drive For Life. Success Is Hidden In Your Zeal For Work And Result Is Hidden In Your Faith For Action.

8. To Live After Death You Have To Influence The Living. If You Don’t Impact People You Will Not Make Landmark. Like Your Vision, Help People, Let Your Dream Be A Seed Of Joy To Humanity And Let Your Influence Be Helpful Then Your Names Will Never Be Erased From History.

9. It Takes Only One To Make It Happen But It Takes Everybody To Enjoy It. Only The Wise Want To Know How You Succeed But Others Just Want To Have Their Share.

10. Excuses Are Secondary In The School Of Success. If You Think You Can Make Them Primary You Will Never Be Heard. People Want To Know What Should Have Stopped You Not What Stops You.

11. When Life Offers You What You Don’t Want Refuse It, But When God Offers You What You Don’t Want Accept It. Everything From God Is Good, Remember For The Lord Is Good And His Mercy Endures Forever.

12. Think The Secrets Think God’s Standard For Greatness.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

THE TRUTH (23) — LIFE 2…04232015


The 12 Irrefutable Secrets Of Life
1. Those Who Accept No For An Answer Will Never Be Known, But Those Who Push And Press Will Accomplish Their Goals And Get Gold.

2. You Can’t Fake Life And Get The Best. Those Who Fake It Don’t Make It. Originality Is A Product Of Good Self Esteem. If You Do It Right You Will Get It Right.

3. Those That Don’t Give-Up Will Never Go Down, But Those That Lay Down Will Never Go Up. Where You Are And What You Embrace Will Largely Determine The Outcome Of Your Life

4. If It Looks Extremely Impossible, If It Sounds Unbelievable, You Better Don’t Believe It. Whatever Answer You Give To Life That Is What Life Will Give Back To You. You Are The Mirror And The Person In Front Of The Mirror. You Don’t Just Reflect Yourself, You Are Yourself.

5. Everything Is A Seed. Only The Dedicated Can See Changes And Only The Believers Can See Changes. If You Think It’s Far, It’s Not True. The Future Is Too Close, Than You Can Imagine.

6. Don’t Expect Everything To Work For You But Work For Everything. If You Can Work For What You Can, You Will Receive All That You Want.

7. Do More Than What You Can, So You Can Live A Life That Others Can’t. If You Do It Early Or Start Early The Treasure Belongs To You.

8. Nothing Is Rewarding Than Effort With Picture, Action With Purpose And Dedication With Power.

9. Nobody Can Help You See What You Can’t See, And Nobody Can Help You Live The Life You Don’t Believe. You Are Responsible For Your Own Life. You Either Take It Count Or You Make It Crash.

10. Every Close Door Will Attract More Open Doors. If You Live By Men’s Standard You Will Deprive Yourself Of God’s Opportunities.

11. If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going Men Will Drag To Where They Are Going. Then You Will End Up In A Destination That You Don’t Know.

12. If You Aim At Nothing Life Will Give Some Thing. If You Care To Know What That Thing Is. It Is Called Nothing. Life Equation Is Nothing For Nothing, And Something For Something.

Think Life Think Greatness.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
Email: adedokunr@gmail.com
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”