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The Power Of Identification

Identity1Me Identification Is The Light That Shatter The Darkness Of Life

Identification Is The Force That Create A New Life And Break The Barriers Of Destiny.

Identification Is The Power Behind Your Life Originality, Self-Virginity And Quality Of Your Delivery.

The Definition
Identification Is Simply Who God Says You Are, From The Pages Of Scriptures Which Forms A Picture That Is Outside Your Culture And Influences Your Future.

The Place Of Identification

Without Identification You Will Sell Your Birthright….Ask Mr Esau
Without Identification You Will Lose Purpose…. Ask Mr Judas Iscariot
Without Identification You Will Not Befriend Life… Ask Mr. Failure
Without Identification You Will Be Enslave And Hate Life… Ask The Prodigal Son
Without Identification You Will Not Utilize What The Universe Make Available… Ask Mr. Complainant

The Benefits Of Identification

Identification Makes You Financial Crisis Immune (I can never be poor)
Identification Makes You Sickness Immune. (I can never be sick)
Identification Makes You Failure Immune. (I am destiny to succeed)
Identification Makes Your Family Crisis Immune. (My home is the place of peace and joy)
Identification Makes You Death Immune.(I shall not die but live but to glorify the name of the Lord)

Life Nuggets Of Identification

Self-Identity Makes You A King, You Can’t Afford To Live Like Others
Self-Identity Makes You Prioritize To Maximize Each Day.
Self-Identity Makes You To Ponder On Your Decision Before You Take Action
Self-Identity Makes You Take Responsibility So You Don’t Suffer Liability
Self-Identity Makes You Retain Your Crown When You Found Yourself In The Crowd
Self-Identity Makes You Get To Work while Others Are Playing Around
Self-Identity Makes You Take Life Serious While Others Are Joking

Where You Are Must Not Influence Who Are, You Are Who You Are Regardless Of The Situation And Circumstances Around You.

This Is The Word Of My Mother… remember the son of whom you are

This Is Who You Are:
Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-14
You are the SALT of the earth (The world is tasteless without you)
You are the LIGHT of the world (You Are Like A city built on a hill which cannot be hidden)

This Is Your Identity In God

He (Jesus) made us (You) unto our God kings (World Power) and priests (World Influencer): and we shall reign on the earth. (Revelation 5:10 KJV)

You Are A King —You Make Things Happen.
You Are A Priest—You Influence People To Live Up To Expectation.

The Secret
The Only Thing God Gave You Is Your Identity And The Only Thing Devil Always Want To Steal Is Your Identity…Be Wise Enough Not To Let It Go

Remember It Is Either Life Or Death… The former is prefer to the later, make a right choice by identifying yourself

Think Identity Think Life

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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