Morning Dose 20150514…THINK


By The Leading Of Holy Spirit I Am Here To Challenge You To THINK.

Today I want you to think. The reason is simple we live in a thinkers world. Those that think will not stink and those that stink don’t think.

When you think you will get out and if you get out, you will get in. The question is get out of where and get in into where? You will get out of trouble and get into peace. Get out of lack and get into excess. Get out of story and get into glory.

Today I want you to devote your time and energy to think before you start, think before you act and think before you move.

Thinking does not breed high blood pressure but lack of it will constitute to one.

If you think well you will live well. THINK!

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

The Secret Home(12)…The Secret Of Thinking…Inspiration Unlimited


The Secret Of Thinking
Thinking Is Breathing Life Into Any Dead Situation. Thinking Is The Solution Provoking Process Which Come Alive By The Constant Engagement Of Your Spirit, Mind, And Readiness.

One Of The Major Courses In The University Of Life Is Thinking101 Until You Excel In It, You Cannot Graduate. One Of The Major Reasons Why God Gave You Brain Is To Thinking And Not Disturb Him. This is The Secret If You Think Enough What You Have Enough. Thinking Is The Greatest Assets in The School Of Success. If You Are A Thinker You Will Be A World Changer. Thinking Makes Wise. You Can’t Fight It, You Can Only Support It. If You Refuse It, You Will Soon End Stupid.

The Secrets Of Thinking
Thinking Breeds Possibility
Thinking Provokes Imagination
Thinking Brings Creative
Thinking Attract Future
Thinking Introduce Solution

Think Through Think Deep
Think How To Get Out Of Debt.
Think How To Influence Your World.
Think How To Be The Best In Your Field.
Think How To Be A Good Leader.
Think How To Be A Good Husband, Father And Minister Of God

The 10 Steps To Productive Thinking
Determine The Subject That Needs Solution
Create The Environment For The Invisible
Get Materials To Take Note
Be Alone And Be Still
Start Meditating
Start Taking Note
Question All Your Notes
Listen To The Still Small Voice
Make Changes
Give Thanks

If You Don’t Want To End Lonely Engage Yourself In Profitable Thinking. The Rewards Is Endless.

Think Solution Think Thinking.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.
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