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The Secret 101/LOVE (6)

Friday is a Day of LOVE. Thank God is another Friday. I appreciate those that has being helping in spreading the goodnews of EVERYDAY SECRET http://www.thesecret101home.com if you had missed any please check our note on facebook. May God that birth this vision strengthen you and give you peace roundabout. Our next mission is for each one of us to invite just two of our friends to visit and leave a comment on the site. There is a secret that I learn from one of the gospel giants, he said whatever you makes happen for others God will make happen for You. Once again thank you for being part of thesecret101’s blog.

Like I use to say love simply mean giving. Now let us do justice to Giving again. I was on whatsapp yesterday very late chatting with a good friend, I can call him brother from another mother, and in the course of our chatting he mentioned some of what I had shared with him back in the days at Akwa Ibom during NYSC, and He said you told me some things during service year, they have started coming into past. I had forgotten, but he did not because the words are for him. Can you just recall the last time some one blessed the name of God because of what you did. Mat. 5:16 let your light so shine… liberate me and makes me to give all that I have to people, whenever they call for help. If you thinks self, you will die limited, while thinking others create abundance. Let me makes this clear to you, having money in your bank does not make you rich, it is the blessing of God that makes rich, and the blessing of God is by His love.

You can’t tell me you love others, and not share in their challenges by helping them with their needs. Some people find it right to spend their money with some girlfriends, while their wives are crying at home for help, they just find joy to spend their life with harlot, they can’t help their families, their parents, Pastors, some don’t even pay tithe. If you don’t love God with your resources, you will waste it with devil. This is going to help you, God owns all the money, including the one in your bank account Haggai 2:8, God just entrust it in your hands, so you better distribute it properly if you want him to give you more. This is the secret help others the same way you want God to help you. They are two things you must do, if truly you love others and God. You must Give Up and Give down. You give up to be blessed, and give down not to be in need.

Till next week that I will be sharing with you on the four secrets of Open Heaven. Know that giving is living, it’s just like Breathing. Stop breathing stop living, and stop giving stop living. Also once you stop giving you start dieing.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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