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The Secret101/Life Management (7)

Tuesday is a Life Management Day. Welcome to this great week of Perfection. I am extremely glad to share with you in this seventh week of the thesecret101 teaching. Seven weeks ago we started inspiring just 15 people on BB and over 600 people on facebook, we keep our focus also by playing our part and leaving the rest for God to handle as they always say work as if you will not pray and pray as if you will not work. Today our contacts on BB grew from 15 to over 120, and facebook contracts grew to over 1100. This is what my spiritual father and Pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo have to say about his result, and I will say the same because of our result. We are not surprise of where we are, we would have been surprise if we are not here, because life answer to the seed Time and Harvest. Gen8:22 whoever that can sow is entitle to reap.

You receive vision from God but you must running with it to see fulfillments. If you will agree with me that running takes time. If you sit without doing anything people will say you are wasting time. If you are doing busyness people will say you are just using time, but if you are into your own business people will say you are investing time. All you are reading today are all products of what I started studying four years. Sometimes I don’t sleep at all, because I need to think, some time I need to just take time out to observe nature. Because what you don’t like to do, is what you need to do, if you really want to do, what you want to do. All that you have being reading all these while are products of Time invested. Big Question do you spend your time or you invest it? If you sleep 8hours a day for 60years, you must have sleep for 20years. Pro19:15 Laziness casts one into a deep sleep…Pro 20:13 Do not love sleep, lest you come to poverty…If you desire the best sleep less, and invest the rest of your time. If God want to bless you He will give you Time. Every good time invest will launch you into good season to be enjoy.

Sometimes people see me as a person that takes things too serious. Please bear with me, where you are coming from will determine who your are. I am from the family of winner where we take things serious. I have a gene of a giant that build the largest Church of 50,000 capacity within 365days with no foreign input and no debt. In our family tree everything happens immediately apart planning, we are not fans, we are player, not a bench player, but first 11. Do you know why God said you are not poor? Because He has given you same Time as He gave the rich. All you just need to do is trade with it. People that are working for others are just trading time for money. Like I said time is not money, it is the conversion of time to value that makes it money. Nobody buys idea, they only buy products, product is value and it takes time to be generate. So the usage of your time will determine the value on your life. So many people from USA, Canada, UK and Nigeria are viewing our blog http://www.thesecret101home.wordpress.com, thank God, but the question is if we don’t produce this blog what will they view?. Success is all about Vision, Action and Time.

Every side Attractions are Distractions. Know what you want to do per time, get it done before you do some things else. Beware of some people that may want to denial you of maximizing your time :

1. People that want to take from you, but will not honor you.
2. People that don’t want to understand your vision.
3. People that don’t know what they want.
4. People that always look out for your mistakes and use abusive words all time.
5. People that will always show up whenever, they want to take from you.

One of quotes reads everybody is the body that you need to build up your body. But be careful of chaff. If you stand to hear all that your critics have to say you will not live up to your potential, and you might not fulfill purpose. So anytime the time waster show up, just learn this secret the way to answer them is not to answer them, because they are going nowhere and they will like to slow you down.

Next week I will share with you The 3 Tips for Time Management. I will like to end with this word of encourage that a friend send to me today. Could you please separate the chaff from d wheat? So I will ask you the same could please separate the Chaff or your life from the Wheat?

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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