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The Secret101/Spirituality (5)

The Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true wisdom. All who obey his commandments will grow in wisdom Psalms 111:10. Alot of people thinks the popular saying life goes on is true. If truly it is, it is the fear of the God that will make it so. There is little to what human being can achieve. You can’t pattern your life after devil and expect to function in God’s capacity. A lot of people are designed by God to be the King and Queen, but they have successful make themselves slaves. The reason is simple they choose to use devil’s languages, live in devils way and do things according to devil instructions and purpose.

Whoever you are and where ever you may be and whatever you may have, I have this secret for you, you are not at your best without Jesus. Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no one come to God expect Him. You can’t have God in your heart and be chasing after another lady while your beautiful wife is at home. You can’t say I do to your husband and still share your body with another fake man. Little do you know that the power of men is their strength, while the power of ladies is their body. If you share your body or strength with strangers you have successfully trade your destiny the way Adam did.

How will you trade your life for what you want to eat and wear? How do you think giving your lifetime heritage is good enough for few minutes enjoyment? Ask Esau if you have the opportunity to meet with him. He lost his life and everythiing to his brother because of food. Even when he was ready to buy it back, it was too late (Heb13:16-18). By scripture you are only permitted to be naked to your wife or husband alone Gen2:25. But people live contrary to the scripture now. Until they are half nake, their dressing is not complete.

One of the reasons we have broken homes today is because couples have enjoy most of what is designed for marriage during courtship. Remember you cannot eat your cake and have it. Success in marriage is a product of what you denial yourselves during courtship. This what people choose not to know. God take responsible to judge fornicators(those that have sex before marriage) Hebrews 13:4, because no one can mock God and the scripture cannot be broken.

Why will you trade your beautiful future for just five minutes enjoyment? Any lady that give her body before marriage is a Delilah, and a destroyer of destiny. So is any man that forget his Royalty is nothing but Samson. I found one of the consequences of having sex before and after marriage in Proverbs 5:9-11 I will advice you to read it yourself. If You don’t know this, i want you to know now. Decency opens impossible doors. See the case of Mary the mother of Jesus, it was her decency that makes her to be favor. You can’t find favor having sex without marriage or have it outside marriage. If you dont stop it and call for forgiveness of sin, you are on the path of trading your destiny for nothing. Why? you may ask. You can’t afford the cost immorality. You rather live for God and be happy or live for satan and regret.

What we have everywhere is fairly used ladies and guys. That’s why good marriages are scarce and the one that are available are on the edge of devorce. Why? Married Men think it is okay to have a girlfriend outside there marriage because they said you will get tire having your wife all the time. Married women think they can give their ex-boy friends chance if they husband is not available. Remember, what you do will determine what you will get, and how high you will fly will determine your depth. Decide today, and live well for Jesus.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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This Day 07072013…New Month New Planning

Planning firstThis Day 07072013

Seventh Day Of The Month JULY 2013

It’s A Day To Work With What Is Accessible, With The People That Are Available.
It’s A Day To See Beyond What You Have, But What You Can Do With What You Have.

Planning Is Going Ahead Before You Start
Planning Takes You Ahead Of Your Equals
Planning Is Of Man, Fulfillment Is From God


Planning Is Your Responsibility
Planning Is A Must
Planning Is Living


Planners Are Achievers
Planners Are Creators

Know What You Want
See The Possibilities Of Achieving It
Write Everything Down
Set Your Priorities Right ( Differentiate What You Want Now From What You Need Later)
Revisit Steps 1-4

It Takes Away Stress
It Gives Direction
It Gives Focus
It Increase Confidence Level
Result Becomes Cheap

The Secrets Today

What You Don’t Plan For As Already Plan For You. Rotimi Adedokun
Fail To Plan Is Plan To Fail. Unknown

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun

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7 Secrets Every Man complet devrait savons pour un mariage réussi

1. N’abandonnez pas votre femme si vous voulez que Dieu vous préserve

2. Aimez votre femme si vous voulez que Dieu Keep

3. Exalter votre femme si vous voulez que Dieu Promouvoir

4. Respectez votre femme si vous voulez que Dieu vous honorez

5. Tenez Son étroitement et chaud tout le temps si vous voulez que Dieu vous embrasse

6. S’intégrer dans sa tête comme sa couronne Si vous voulez la grâce de Dieu sur votre vie.

7. Faites-lui savoir Ses bonnes actions Through Your loi, les termes et les soins Si vous voulez que Dieu te glorifie.

Vous pouvez ne jamais avoir une bonne épouse que tu deviennes bon mari. Votre femme est un multiplicateur de vos semences.

Donner de l’argent, elle vous donnera la nourriture

Donnez-lui Sperms Elle donnera votre enfant

Démarrer une conversation qu’elle diffusera un Nouvelles

Give A sa note She Will Give You A Book

Vous devez être tout à ta femme, si vous ne voulez pas perdre votre respect, l’honneur et la dignité.

Si elle aime Aide à la recherche de découvertes

Si elle aime aller à l’église être son pasteur

Si elle aime gestion de l’argent, être son planificateur financier

Soyez tout pour elle Si vous ne voulez quelqu’un pour vous remplacer en quelque chose. Vous pouvez pas faire un bon mari par l’argent, mais par la sagesse de Dieu

Son seul but et primaires est de servir et S’il vous plaît vous. Alors Semez la graine que vous apprécierez la récolte. Que ce que vous ne poussent pas ne peut pas croître et ce que vous n’avez pas tendance va mourir, donc l’amour que vous ne sèment et ont tendance peut pas produire ce que vous pouvez regarder.

Qu’allez-vous donner à votre femme aujourd’hui?

Mais moi je bénirai Ma femme et lui laisser savoir que je serai toujours Love Her inconditionnellement.

S’il vous plaît partagez, aimez et rediffusion.

Le Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun

7 secretos que todo hombre debe saber completo para un matrimonio exitoso

1. No abandones a tu mujer Si quieres que Dios preservará

2. Ame a su esposa si quiere que Dios le Guarde

3. Exaltar a su esposa si usted quiere Dios para promover

4. Respetar su esposa Si quieres que Dios honrará

5. Sujete con atención y cálido todo el tiempo si quieres que Dios te abrace

6. Colocar en su cabeza como su heredero si usted quiere la gracia de Dios en su vida.

7. Hágale saber sus buenas obras a través de su actuar, palabras y Cuidado Si quieres que Dios te glorifique a ti.

Usted puede nunca tener una buena esposa hasta que te conviertas buen marido. Su esposa es un multiplicador de tu simiente.

Darle dinero Y dará a Usted Alimentos

Dar Sus espermatozoides Y dará a su hijo

Iniciar una conversación que emitirá A Noticias

Dar A Su Nota ella dará a usted un libro

Usted debe ser todo lo que su mujer quiere, si usted no quiere perder su respeto, honor y dignidad.

Si le gusta la Investigación Ayuda para Descubrimientos

Si le gusta ir a la iglesia a ser su Pastor

Si le gusta la administración del dinero, ser su asesor financiero

Ser todo para ella si no quiere a alguien para que lo reemplace en algo. No se puede hacer un buen marido por el dinero, sino por la sabiduría de Dios

Su propósito único y principal es servir y complacer. Así Siembre la semilla que usted podrá apreciar la cosecha. Como lo que no crecen no pueden crecer, y lo que no tienden morirá, por lo que el amor no siembras y tienden a no puede producir lo que usted puede contemplar.

¿Para qué le va a dar a su esposa hoy?

Pero en cuanto a mí yo los bendeciré mi esposa y hacerle saber que Will siempre amor incondicionalmente.

Por favor, Compartir, como y la retransmisión.

El hombre de los secretos

Rotimi Adedokun