Is The New Year New?

What makes The Year New?

Every day is equal in the presence of the creator it is we human begins that separate and call each day by name. The days, weeks, months and a whole year of 2012 needs to be remembered. To really make the difference in anything we have to be able to think deep down and reflect. What is right or wrong, what needs to be done and other things. Life don’t just make sense we have to make the sense out of life. I have received so many message from social media networks, black berry, email from all the sites that I subscribe to and everybody is telling me the same thing. Happy New Year… The big question is, is there any new thing about the year? Is the year new at all?

I have come to this great understanding that there is no new thing under the heavens whatever that wants to be has been and that is what is still going to be. All the people think today is really new year, well I don’t dispute but with my own understanding about life there is nothing like new year it’s just a normal day that everybody needs to be at home and sit to enjoy themselves. It just the normal Tuesday, just the normal 2nd and just the normal week and the normal January, the only thing is that we use years to separate our counting so we don’t want to mix things together.

Below are the secret that will really make the year new:

1. Build A good relationship With Your Creator: The Greatest Man That Ever lived Before Christ, Kings Solomon Said “Remember now your creator in the days of your YOUTH, before the difficult days come, And the year draw near when you say I have no pleasure in them”. The word Youth in his quote connote A fresh time of your life, where you don’t have much thinking in your heart Just like a day like this (A New Year Day). Talk to God what do you want me to achieve for you this year 2013. Your Focus On God Is what Makes You To Become A Focus BY Men. Some people are doing very well in January until October that they finds themselves in a mess. Some people cross over to this year with debt, With Bitterness of Heart, Rejection, some of these people started last year with a lot of $ in their bank account, ridding Big Cars and living in Big House, now the evil time has come and they don’t have pleasure in a day like this where everybody is excited. No matter your projection into the new year 2013 if you don’t commit it to the hands of God your success is not in view. This is the number one Law if you want to make the year 2013 great for you the law of FIRST M633. It States Until You Settle God You Cannot Be Settle On The Earth.

2. Set Goal s: My Spiritual father Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo said “if you don’t have a Goal You Are A Goat”. This is what Jesus said Luke 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it”. If you desire any good thing this year 2013 sit down, plan, and set a goal to achieve it. There are two type of people on earth. Some that works for Bill And some that Works for Life. Those that works for bill work to exist, while those that work for life work to Live. Life is so short that if you check your time now, your time now you will know that today has gone. This is the secret once is 12noon of each day and you are yet to achieve anything know that you have almost waste the day. Set goals for each day to give you profitable Week, set goals for each week to give you profitable months, and for each month to give you another good new year. What that does not cost you is valuable to you. As a matter of fact God leaves you with the responsibility to plan your life and when you pray concerning it He will answer you. Pro 16:1, Let your goals cost you money, time, sleep, and other resources. If it does not cost you now it will charge you soon, and if it does not cost you something, you will soon pay something for it. Set your goals in the following areas Spiritual, Finances, Academics, etc

3. Develop Yourself: Life is all about growth, the secret is if growth is not in place death is in charge. You are either growing or groaning. If you want to achieve anything this year you need to grow up to get ready for the time that it will come. There are so many opportunities that has eluded you last year all just because you don’t have the capacity to perceive, receive and conceive them. Development must BE, Should Be and Is a Must for all. Develop yourself know how to generate idea, meet with people, read books and write down all of your ideas. Lead yourself by discipline, lead others by responsibilities and lead the world by example. Don’t tell people to do anything do it and let them see.. This is what the greatest apostle that ever lived said to his protégée. 2 Tim 2:15… Study To Show yourself Approve… So approval is product of self development. If you are not what people want to see, to hear and listen to your presence will make no difference.

4. Be Diligent: This is vital of them all. What I have come to discover is that there are no extra ordinary task it is men’s extra ordinary contribution that makes it to be so. There will be no produce if you do not work , and whatever that want to succeed forever will take your attention, time and all necessary part of you to make it work. In fact, nothing is design to work everything is designed to be worked. You need to work hard to emerge as a highflyer this year, regardless of prophetic declaration of your Pastor. You need to make it work if you want to see it work. This is the saying that makes the star in any field of life Pro22:29 “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” If you take vacation all the time you will soon vacate your seat for the diligent hands. Nobody excel in whatever they do not do often.

5. Give Thanks: This is what brings the invisible hands of God on your visible effort. This is in showing gratitude to God not for everything but in everything. You give Him thanks for what he has done and praise him for what He will do. The only reason why some people end like a smoke is that they believe that the increase that they see on their business or promotion at work is their personal input or intellectual capacity. Having done all the four above give thanks if you get an answer or not. Thanksgiving is the will of God, that is why the apple of God’s eyes King David said let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Ps 150:6. The secret is that your last breath is what that will propel God to action. Amen

Only fool doubt proves, I am here today because God led me through all the secrets above , I have followed and I’m still following giants in this world that are leveraging on those same principles of life. What make the year new is not just a first day in the first mouth, but those new things that you need to introduce, and for you to utilize this second opportunity. Praise God!!!

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun
1:20pm Pacific Time


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