The 20 Secrets For The Year 2013

To Do

Love God
Because He Has All You Need

Love Your Spouse
He/She Is The Only One That Will Remain When Others Have Gone

Love Your Brethren
They Will Build You Up Spiritually And Strengthen You In Christ Jesus

Love Your Pastor
For Him To Bless You And God to Confirm The Blessings.


Think About God & His Word, They Are The Channels Which Things Happen

Think Of Your Future
It Propels You To Know What To Do, How To Do It, And When To Do It.

Think About Results
It Helps You To See And Believe In Your Tomorrow

Think Growth
Until You Grow Up, Your Place And Space Is Not In View


Sit Down To Plan,
If You Don’t Sit Down To Plan, You Will Stand To Buy From Others

Sit Down To Relax
Take Time Off, It Will Make You Become Fresh And Ready For Your Next Assignment

Sit Down To Think
You Need To Be Proactive, If You Are Stuck In A Situation, It’s An Indication That You Don’t Utilize The Power Of Your Heart And Brain

Sit Down To Write
Anybody Who Thinks Will Always Have What To Write. Writing Is An Indication That You Think. If You Think And You Don’t Write It Simply Implies That You Don’t Think.


Meet People To Grow
You Need Positive Mental Attitude Thinkers (PMAT) Because Everything Is People Base, Meet People That Can Challenge You For Good

Meet People To Brainstorm
Your Idea Needs Positive Critics If Not It will Fail And Get Rejected By Your World

Meet People To Work
Nobody Make Success Or Create Success Alone. You Need Team. Show Me Your Team And I Will Point To Your Future

Meet People To Network
Create Rooms For Great People Around You, They don’t Need to Be Going The Same Way With You But Be Sure They Are Running With Their Vision.


Focus On God
Everything Will Fail But God Won’t. He Is The Only One That Will Welcome You Back Anytime You Are Ready But The Best Time Is Now

Focus On Your Priorities
First Thing First, Knowing All That You Want To Do, And Knowing The Importance Of Each Of Them.

Focus On The Need Of Others
Living For Others Is Living For Forever, While Living For Self Is Just Existing. Let The Needs Of Others Be Your Desire

Focus On Your Family
Love/Submit To Your Spouse, Honor Your Parents, Impact Your Children, And Provide For Their Needs

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

I Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts On This Subject In The Comments, And Do Share With Your Friends!

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