Vitamins of The Mind 63-TheSecret101…Who Are You?

Who Are You?

I Am An Indicator To Men Real Needs, Not A Competitor Of What They Possess. Matt5:13

I Am Not Just A Consumers Of What Men Produces, I Am A Producer Of What Men Needs. Phi 4:13

I Am The Peace Maker, Not A Troublemaker. Matt5:9, Heb12:14

I Am The Servant Of The Most High God, Not God’s Uncle That Won’t Serve But Expecting To Be Serve. Job 36:11

I Am A Heart Follower Of The Faith Giant Bishop David Oyedepo, Not Just A Talker. Matt4:19, Rom13:7

I Am A Proud Son Of The Best Mother In The Whole World (Mrs G. O Adedokun), Not Just A Child.

I Am The Head And Husband Of My Hidden Treasure (My Wife), Not Just A Spouse. Deut 28:13

I Am The Preacher Of The Gospel Of Jesus, I’m Not Just Attending Church For My Personal Needs. Matt 28:19

I Am The Solution To Men Challenges, Not A Problem To My World. Matt5:13

I Am The Star Among My Colleagues, Not Just One Of Them. Matt5:14

I Am The Publisher Of The Sent Word, Because Am Part Of The Company Of The Great. Ps 68:11

I Am The Seeker Of God’s Hidden Secrets, Because I’m A King. Pro25:2

I Am The Interpreter Of God’s Word, Because God Revealed It To Me. Job 33:23

I Am The Secret The Secret Man Of This Generation

The Secret101
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