Vitamins of The Mind 66-TheSecret101…Get Down To Work


Get Down To Work

Those Who Stand To Work Will Never Bend To Beg. Work Will Keep You On The Move, But Begging Will Keep Your Head Down Always. Get Down To Work

Contributing Little Every Day, Will Take Little Poverty From You Every day. You Will Make The Difference By This Some Day, And Make Your Life Count At The End. Get Down To Work

Invest In The Day You Will Receive The Dividend By Weekend, Invest In Every Week You Reap It At The End Of The Month, And Every Month Investment Will Make The Year With You Really Want. Get Down To Work

Good Becomes Good, If You Do not Stop To Make It Good, Whatever You Want To See, Is Whatever You Are Ready To Work. Get Down To Work

Destiny Answer To Them That Answer To Work. Therefore, Work The Work, If You Don’t Want Life To Denial You Of Your Right. Get Down To Work

Life Is Real, Good And Great, If You Are Ready To Stand, Learn And More. The More You Know, The More You Will Know You Need That You Need To Know. Get Down To Work

Everything Answer At The End Of The Beginning, So Determine To See The End Of Your Effort, Choose Not To Be Discourage At The Beginning. Get Down To Work

Whatever That Want To Last Long, Will Not Come On Time, Whatever That Want To Stay Longer Will Take A While To Show Up. Get Down To Work

The Secret101
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