Are You Still Holding On?


If You Live A Motionless Life, You Are On Your Way To The Grave.
The Only Place Where Things Don’t Happen Is The Grave.
The Place That People Regret Their Action They Never Take
The Person They Never Met,
The Book They Never Read
The Book They Never Write
The Vision They Never Run With
The Business Idea They Never Follow Up
The Action They Never Take
The Choice They Never Make

What Stops You Is Not A Good Answer To What You Should Do, The Action You Should Take NOW Is The Best Answer To What You Should Do.

Today Is The One twelfth (1/12)Of The Year 2013. Is 2013 Still What You Want It To Be? Those Who Won A Race Wins Before The Race Begun, And Those That Lose, Lost Before The Race Starts.

Whatever That Don’t Contribute To Your Future Does not Need Your Time. Any Of Your Investment That Is Not Channel Towards Your Future Is Not Worth Investing. Life Is A Choice But the Wise Will Choose Right.

Reflect On All Of Your Actions, Are Your Goals Still Alive. Do You Have A Goal At All? Anytime You Are Tire Is The Best Time To Refire, Rehire New Strategies, And God Will Rewire You For Your Destination. If You Don’t Want To Receive Your Retire Letter Start Now.

Be Inspired, Live Abundance Life and Help Others.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

In my room. 3:05am Pacific Time


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