My Note: Come Let Us Reason Together…


To make difference in life starts from learning wisdom from the wise. The book of proverbs has been attest over ages for building leaders, makes giant out of dwarf, and kings out of slaves. So, one chapter of proverbs per day is recommend to anybody that desire to be great.

Therefore, join Rotimi Adedokun (The Secret Man) as he unveils daily the secret behind the book of proverbs.
To be part of this you need to join any of our communities online:

Extreme Solution Group

The Secret101/Adedokun Rotimi Page

Extreme Solution Page

The Secret Blog Input your email address on the space at the medium part of the page and press follow to join over one thousand four hundred followers.

You are also free to contribute base on what you study from the proverb of the day, please note you are not allow to share outside the subject matter (The Wisdom/The Knowledge of God)

Rotimi Adedokun


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