The Definition: The Poor, Rich, Wealthy And Flurish



If You Know What To Do And Refuse Responsibility. You Have Successful Enroll Into The School Of Failure, In The Department Of Poverty And You Will Soon Graduate As A Pauper, With Certificate In Foolishness

A Fool Is Rich In Resources But Poor In The Utilization. He Know What He Needs To Do But He Will Never Do It. Anybody That Desire To Leaves His Work Undone But Contributing To Others Is A Fool.

There Is No Future For A Simple Person. You Are Either Wise To Take Responsibility Or You Are Fool Without Action. There Is Always An End Result You Will Become What You Do And Don’t Do.

If You Can’t Do Something Right When No One Is With You. You Might Never Do Anything Right When People Are With You, Because You Are You All The Time.

The Definitions

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. The Person With The Ability Of Laziness Of Purpose. Also The Person With The Capacity Not To Change. Satisfying Today In Detriment Of Tomorrow.

You Can’t Confess Not To Be Poor, You Need To Take Responsibility Not To Be.

Resourceful Intelligent Curious Hardwork

The Person With Full Ability, Capacity And Capability To Take Responsibility To Know, Work, And Learn New Things Everyday That Matter To His Vision And Purpose.

He Knows The Reason For Living, And Always Running With All Of His Inner Strength  To Provoke The Result He Wants To See


The Person That Took A Step Further, To Discover What His Teacher And Colleagues Don’t Know About Life, Economy And Other Secret Things That Elevate In The School Of Exploit. Simply Anybody That Makes Others Lazy About Life While His Is Busy Working.

If You Can Make People’s Life Depend On Your Result For Living, You Have Successful Sign Up In This School Of Giants.


The Person That Work Harder To See Other Become Wealthy Or Rich. Simply The Person That Create The Network Of Great Leaders.

Where Are You And Where Will Like To Be?

… Be Inspired, Live Abundance Life, And Help Others

The Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun


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