Plan For It Or It Will Plan For You

Plan for it

Those That Don’t Have A Plan Are Very Good Candidates For Future Slavery.

Be Wise, Don’t Join Them, Start Planning Today.

Plan For Your Future
Plan For Your Family
Plan For Your Economy
Plan To Know God More
Plan To Get Marry
Plan For Your Vacation
Plan To Have Children
Plan To Read And Acquire Knowledge
Plan To Write And Bless Others
Plan To Meditate And Sit To Reflect

Pro16:1 The preparations of the heart in man…

Nobody Can Plan For You, And If They Do Is To Your Detriment.

The Secret Man


1 thought on “Plan For It Or It Will Plan For You

  1. Oluwasegun M Ogunade

    Very true. If one do not plan, its like being in a whirl wind tossed to and fro. This feeling can be frustrating and energy consuming. If you plan, you feel in charge and control of things…thnx for sharing



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