Vitamins of The Mind 72-TheSecret101…Alone With God


Alone With God

God Is The Security Of Your Destiny, Once God Confirm You Nobody Can Disqualify You. Alone With God

You Can’t Be Listening To Both God And Men At The Same Time. You Choose Men And Despise God, Or Choose God And Turn Your Back To Man. Alone With God

Once God Speaks Everything Hears, Including Your Challenges. So Don’t Struggle With Your Challenges Just Wait On God To Speak. Alone With God

Everything Is All About Codes. So Jesus Is God’s Code, While Praise Is The Intercom Number To Access His Desk, Try It Work Like Fire. Alone With God

If You Are Not Diligent To Know And Hear God You Will Work Diligent To Follow The Verdicts Of Men. Alone With God

Every Superior Has Power To Place Limit On His Followers. So Your Health, Family Issues, Finance etc All Of Them Report To God. Once You Can Hear God They Will Adhere To Your Command. Alone With God

Nothing Can Dare You Anymore If You Camp With God. So Been With God Is Become god And No Human Being Dare To Behold His Face. Alone With God

The Feet Of God Is The Most High Place On Earth, There Is Nothing That Can Be Compare To His Presence. Alone With God

You Will Be Amaze About What He Has For You, That’s Why He Said Come Boldly And You Will Obtain Mercy And Favor His Presence. Alone With God

Where You Choose To Be, Will Determine How Far You Will Go In Life But As For Me I Choose To Be Alone With God.

The Secret101
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