Verse 34: Surely, He scorns THE SCORNFUL, but gives grace to THE HUMBLE.

Haughty or Disdain Person

Meek or Lowly Person

One Secret Thing That You Need If You Desire to Get To The Pinnacle of Your Life Is Called GRACE, and it is only available to THE HUMBLE not THE SCORNFUL. Thus, Without Grace You Are Just Like Grass Ps 103:15

You are save by Grace Eph 2:8
You are what you are by the Grace. 1 Cor 15:10

Please note Grace is For ALL but not available to ALL John1:12

Grace Is Not Accessible By Supplication, Prayer and Fasting, But It Is Only Giving By God To The Meek

The Key To Humility Is the Wisdom Of God Pro11:2b (With The Humble Is Wisdom)

Finally We Can Grow In Grace If We Are Full Of Jesus. Praise The Lord

Memory Very:
Surely, He scorns THE SCORNFUL, but gives grace to THE HUMBLE.

Jesus Is Lord
The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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