Memory Verse Proverbs 5: 10
Lest aliens be filled with your wealth, and your labors go to the house of a foreigner

THE TOTAL MAN. What Make A Pauper Out Of Prince, The Consequences Of Making A Wrong Choice. The Instruction From The Wise On How To Prevent Bad Living.

One of Those Things That God Detest Is Defilement of One’s Body, It Cost Him Time, Energy And Resource To Rebuild Us Again. Most Especially In The Area Of Opposite Sex.

The Mystery
For Every Man There is A Woman, And Vice Versa. So When A Man Don’t Wait On And Just Go Ahead To Exchange His Body With Another Man’s Wife. Three Things ARE Involve:

1. The Original Husband Has Been Deprive Of His Right, God Need To Compensate
2. The Lady Needs A Renewal Or Rebuild
3. The Vision Of God In The Man Of The Man That Practice Fornication/Adultery With The Woman Is Stuck Because Of Sin

What Make A Pauper Out Of Prince
Verses 3-6
Every Result Of Prince Is To Become King, But Once He Violate The Law He automatically lose His Throne.Ecc10:7

If You Are Not Living Up TO Standard Is Because You are Not Living According To Standard. If Follow Standard You Will Live Up To Standard.

The Consequences Of Making A Wrong Choice
Verses 8-10
Every Wrong Act Has It Penalty. Sometime the penalty are to enormous compare to the act. So it better to count your cost before you get involve.
The Cost of Adultery/Fornication are the Following:

1. Lose Your Worth
2. Wasted Effort
3. Lose Your Space

You Can Trade Anything But Don’t Trade Your Honor, Effort And Future You Can Bear The Consequences

Verses 15-19
The Prevention
Be Contented
Make Transform What You Have To Be What You Need

There Is Neither Best Lady Nor Best Man, But You Can Work On Your Spouse TO Be The Best. Jesus Is Lord

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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