Vitamins of The Mind 74-TheSecret101…Value Comes With Cost


Anything Of Value Has Treasure Inside It, The Cost Of The Treasure Is Called Value. So Anything Without A Cost Is Not Valuable, And Anything That Is Valuable Has A Price Tag. Value Comes With Cost

Every Free Thing Is Not Good And Every Good Thing Is Not Free. What Makes It Free, Is What Makes It Bad, And What Place A Cost On It, Makes It Good. Value Comes With Cost

If It Does not Cost You It Will Never Make You. The Cost Of Making Is The Cost Of Value. So If You Desire It, You Need To Pay For It. Value Comes With Cost

Nothing Is Expensive But There Are Things That You Can’t Afford. If You Can Afford It, Why Is It Expensive? Only What You Can’t Afford Are Expensive. Value Comes With Cost

Every Giant Is Birth On The Platform Of Discipline. Therefore, Discipline Is Doing What Is Right As Instructed Not What You Think Is Right. Value Comes With Cost

For Every Successful Marriage There Are Successful People, That Has Paid The Price Of Patience, Listening, Giving, Tolerating Etc. Don’t Marriage If You Are Not Ready For The Cost Of Making It Work. Value Comes With Cost

To Be Financially Free Requires You To Think As A Business Owner, Get Out Of Rat Race, Learn And Build Your Own Enterprise, Ready To Stay In Discomfort, In Other To Live In Comfort. Value Comes With Cost

If Your Valuable Destiny Matters To You, You Must Be Ready To Pay The Price Of Time, Energy, Resources, Experience, Discipline, Diligence And Sacrifice. If You Are Not Willing You Are Not Ready. Value Comes With Cost

The Cost Of Freedom Is Responsibility To Be In Charge Of Your Heart, Hands And Your Whole Being. If You Let Any Of The Three To Some else, It’s An Indication That You Don’t Deserve The Life That Said You Want. Value Comes With Cost

How Much You Can Pay For A Value Will Determines What You Take Home. Life Is Not Who Has It, Real Life Is Who Pays for It. Value Comes With Cost

Goodnews If You Don’t Like What You Have You Can Trade It And Get Something Bigger And Better But With More Cost. If You Are Ready Life Is Willing. Value Comes With Cost

The Secret Man

The Secret101
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