22 Secrets Every Single Lady Must Know Before You Accept His Proposal

What Is Relationship?
Relationship Is An Adventure For The Discovery Of Marriage. That is, The Pathway To A Successful Marriage.

1. If The Man Is Not Hungry To Love You In Relationship, His Real Love Will Be Hidden In Marriage
2. If The Man Is Not Ready (To Do Anything For You) In Relationship, Marriage Will Not Be Colorful
3. If The Man Is Not Curious To Love You And Know You More In Relationship, Marriage Will Not Be Fun
4. If The Man Is Not Ready To Search For The Secret Things Of Your Heart In Relationship, Marriage Cannot Be Spices
5. If The Man Is Not Expecting Your Present All The Time In Relationship, Marriage Will Not Be Bubbling
6. If The Man Is Not Making The Relationship Work, Marriage Will Not Last
7. If The Man Is Not Powering The Relationship, Marriage Will Be Tedious
8. If The Man Is Not Spiritually Sound, Marriage Will Be Vulnerable For Attack
9. If The Man Is Not Ready To Lead From Behind Marriage Will be Turbulent
10. If The Man Did Not Depart From His Family During Relationship, Marriage Will Be In Chaos


1. Am I The One Telling Him What To Do For Me? If You Help Him To See What He Should Do, You Will Do It Throughout Your Marriage
2. Am I The One In Charge Or He Is In Charge? Don’t Take The Lead, It Can be Frustrating Let Him Lead You
3. Who Did He Love Most God Or Me? Don’t Say Yes Because He Loves You, Say Yes Because He Loves God. If He Love God He Can Never Stop Loving You.
4. Is He Giving Gifts Because He Knows The Mystery Of Giving Or He Needs Something In Return? Don’t Get Gifts From Him Because He Want To Marriage You, Let Him Get You Gifts Because He Is Doing For God
5. Did I Really Love Him? If You Don’t Love Him You Can Submit To Him And That Is Total Anti-Covenant
6. How Did I Get Into This Relationship? Is This For Meeting Standard With Your Peers Or God Brought Our Path Together
7. Can This Relationship Lead To Marriage? Don’t Say Yes To Relationship That Can’t Leads To Marriage. It’s A Waste Of Time, Energy And Resources.

What Is Marriage?
Marriage Is The Platform For Two Opposite Sex To Displace Their Real Person In Other To Live Forever.


1. What Can You Do To Make Our Marriage Work?
2. What Will You Do If I Do What You Seriously Detest?
3. Why Do You Want To Marry Me?
4. What Can I Do To Stop You From Loving Me?
5. What Are The Things You Are Yet To Tell Me About Your Past?

…be inspired, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun


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