Vitamins of The Mind 81-TheSecret101…Depart For Your Future

DepartureWhat Brought You Here Will Not Take You There. How Far You Have Gone, Cannot Be Compare To How Far God Is Taking You. Depart For Your Future

Sitting Will Not Add Value To You, Standing Will Not Make The Difference You Want To See, Only Departure Will Take You To Your Destination Depart For Your Future

Life Is Good, Life Is Great, Life Is Excellence But Life Is Much More Fantastic If You Are Ready To Depart. Depart For Your Future

Complacency Is The Rule Of The Game For The Poor. More Is The Rule Of The Game For The Average, Much More Is The Rule Of The Game For The Rich, Excel Is The Rule Of The Game For The Wealthy, But Departure Is The Rule Of The Game For The Flourish. Depart For Your Future

Comfort Zone Is Place Where Giants Are Bury, Where Winner Forget Their Gloves, And Champions Trade Their Trophies For Nothing, If You Don’t Want to Be Find In The Comfort Zone Of Life Depart For Your Future

It’s Going To Cost You To Leave, It Can Be Hard To Change Location, But It Will Be Much More Expensive To Stay Longer Than Expected In Your Present Stage, So Depart For Your Future

Some Might Fail And Turn Back, Some Might Not Have Reason To Go Further, Some Might Not See Where They Are Going, But Look For People That Have Departed And Follow, So You Can Get To Your Destination. Depart For Your Future

The Space At The Top Is Narrow, But The Space At Bottom Is Wide That’s Why A lot Of People Are Satisfy With Where They Are, But As For You, Your Space Is At The Top Most Top So Depart For Your Future

It Might Sound Unbelievable, It Might Look Impossible, But The Good news Is That It Is Achievable. You Are Not The First Person On That Path, And You Can’t Be Last, So Depart For Your Future

Departure Is Rule Of The Game Of Promotion. Your Departure Brought You Here, Your Departure Will Take You There. If You Choose To Stay You Will Not Change But If You Make The Move Of Faith You Will Get There. Depart For Your Future

The Secret101
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