Vitamins of The Mind 88-TheSecret101…You Are Responsible

If You Succeed Or Not You Are To Be Blame. You Have All That It Takes To Be, Do And Have Whatever That You Desire In Life. You Can Make It Work If You Take Responsibility, So You Are Responsible

If You Don’t Have The Good Grade In Your Classes, There Is Nobody To Be Blame. You Have The Intellectual Capacity To Get Your Best Out Of The Best Because You Are Responsible

If Your Business Is Not Working, If Your Vision Is Not Speaking, You are To Be Blame. You Are In Charge Of The Car Of Your Life, To Drive It At The Speed That You Like And To Where You Like. So Your Speed Of Accomplishment Is Not Determine By The Universe But You. You Are Responsible

When Your Bank Balance Is Showing Negative And You Have A lot Of Debt To Finance. The Account Is On your Name And All Of Those Debt Are Attracted By You, So Go All Out, Take Responsibility To Change Negative To Positive. You Brought Yourself To This Present Stage;Therefore Get Yourself Outside Of It. You Are Responsible

You Are Giving A Notice To Quit The Apartment That You Occupy, You Are About To Lose Your Car And Your Boss Is Threatening Sack. Everything That Happen To You Happens Because You Want it, If You Don’t Really Like What Is Happening To You,  Change It Because You Are Responsible

If Everything Cease To Work Anymore, Life Is Not Worth Living Again, And All Hopes Is Lost. If You Want A New Life Begin To See It And You Will Soon Begin To Live Because You Are Responsible

Everybody Around You Are Enjoying Themselves, But Live Is Not Fair With You. Because Nothing Is Designed To Work Everything Is Designed To Be Work, So Take Responsible Because You Are Responsible

You Don’t Have Hope In Yourself Again, Your Dreams And Glorious Future Are Not Visible Anymore, Know That What You Believe Is What You Will Become So Change Your Believe About Life Because You Are Responsible

Your Children Are Living Outside Your Plan, They Are Not Doing Well In Their Education Because You Are Too Busy To Look After Your Family. To See Change You Must Do Something Different Because You Are Responsible

When Nobody Want To Accept You And All Hell Turn Against You, Know That If You Are Not For God You Are Automatically For The Devil So Turn Your Back To This World If You Want God’s Support Nobody Will Do It For You Because You Are Responsible

You Are Responsible Because Life Is A Choice. You Are Responsible For All Of Your Situation. If You Are Truly Drain Get Up And Create The Change You Want To See For Everything And In All thing You Are Responsible

You Are Responsible To Either Make Your Life Happen Or Watch Your Life Go Worst. Promotion In Life Is Not Just By Living But Essentially By Working It. You Are Responsible

The Secret101
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