Vitamins of The Mind 89-TheSecret101…He That Has An Ear Let Him Hear

God Said So
Darkness Is Not Allow In Your Life, Family And In All That Are Concerns You Because God Said Let There Be Light And There Was Light. Gen1:3

You Can Be In The Midst Of The Trouble And Problem, But The Only Thing That Is Allow To Happen To Your Life Is To Overcome As The Firmament Did In The Midst Of Waters And Survive Because God Said Gen1:6

You Might Have Being Working Without Result, Laboring Without Profit But As The Water Under Heaven Gather Together And The Dry Land Appear So Shall Your Head Be lifted Up Because God Said So Gen1:9

As Nothing Stop The Earth From Bringing Forth Fruits So Nobody Will Stop You In Producing Spirit, Soul And Body Because God Said So Gen1:11

Confusion Cannot Find Space In Your Life Only Clarity Is Allow Because God Said So Gen1:14

Lack, Want And Begging Are Not Allow, Only Abundance, Peace And Joy Unspeakable That Is Full Of God’s Glory Are Allow In Your Life Because God Said So Gen1:20

You Will Not Labor In Vain Anymore, Only Growth And Increase From The Works Of Your Hands Are Allow Because God Said So Gen1:24

You Will Not Labor For Others To Eat, Your Own Child Will Come To Your Light, And Jesus Will Be Your Savior Throughout The Generation Because God Said So Gen1:26

You Cannot Be Curse, Everything And All Things About You Are Supernaturally Blessed By God To Be Fruitful, Multiply, Fill The Earth , Subdue It And Have Dominion Because God Said So. Gen1:28

If Everybody Is Hungry You Are Exempted, If People Don’t Have What To Eat Again You Can’t Be Involve. God Gave You Food Before You Were Born Because God Said So Gen1:29

Therefore, Whatever God Said, God Saw That It Was Good, And It Was Very Good Will Forever Prevail Whatever That Is Happening Because God Said So Gen 1:31. Selah!!!

The Secret101
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