Make For God First…Vitamins of The Mind 98-TheSecret101

Make God First

God Is First In All Things, He Makes You First In Everything, You Need To Make Him First In Everything Even Your Finances.  Remember He Is The One That Gives You Power To Get Wealth. He Has All The Silver And Gold. Therefore, Paying Your Tithe (10% Of All Of Your Income) Is Sending Signal That You Are Due For More Wealth. Make For God First

Giving Is The Evidence Of Love, God So Love The World And God So Gave His Only Precious Son. Worshiping God Is  Incomplete Without Your Offering. Remember  Nobody Is Permitted To Come To The Presence Of God Empty. Make For God First

If You Have A Project That You Finance Daily, Weekly, Monthly And Yearly, You Should Know God Has A Project Too. So Set Out Special Seed Being Your Contribution  To God’s Project On Earth. Remember God Does Not Need Your Money, You Are The One That Needs Him To Replenish Your Poor Pocket. Therefore, Make For God First

He That Receive A Prophet In The Name Of The Prophet Shall Receive A Prophet Rewards. You Can’t Survive Alone By The Works Of Your Hands, But The Blessing Of  God Through His Agents The Prophet Will Add Value To Your Effort. Bless Your Prophet With Material Thing So He Can Bless You With Spiritual Things. Make For God First

Your Biological Parent Are Heaven’s Channel To Bring You To This World, Therefore, To Look After Them Is Your Responsibility. Longevity And Wellness In Life Is Not In The Food Supplement That You Take Or Personal Growth That You Put In Place, But In Blessing Your Parent. Make For God First

You Are Bless To Be A Blessing, And If You Are Not Faithful In An Unrighteous Mammon God Will Not Commit To Your Hands The True Riches. The Level At Which You Can Be A Blessing To Others, Will Determine The Capacity At Which God Will Bless You. Whatever You Make Happen For Others God Will Make Happen For You. Therefore, Make For God First

Anybody That Cannot Provide For His Close Or Immediate Family Has Denied  Faith And The Person Is Worst Than And Unbeliever. Don’t Waste Your Resource Doing What Is Wrong To The People That Are Not In The Kingdom Or Your Family. Make First Thing First. Therefore, Make For God First

Until You Give Your Best You Can Never Receive The Best. Until You Give All You Could You Can Never Receive All That Belongs To You. It Is Better To Give Than To Receive, Because Every Receiver Is Always Under And Giver Are Always On Top And They Never Lack. Therefore, Make For God First

It Takes The Spirit Of Giving To Be A Giver, And It Takes The Power Of Giving To Give In Your Lack. Everybody Must Give Including Those That Don’t Have. Your Present Stage Doesn’t Matter We All Have Something To Give Because God Has Give Seed To The Sower, And Only The Sowers Are Entitle To His Blessing.  Therefore, Make For God First

It May Be Had To Let Go Your $,€£¥, But Until You Let Go, You Cannot Let God. Whatever You Have Today Came From God, So If You Give Him What Is In Your Hands He Will Give You What Is In His Hands. Could You Imagine How Big What Is In His Hands? That Is Why You Have To Make For Him First If You Don’t Want Your Source To Dry.

The Secret101
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