The 12 Don’t Of Life. Part 1b…The 10 Secrets Of Vision

MeI started last week on the 12 don’t of life, and the first Don’t is don’t think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION. I will continue on the first don’t of life this week. If you do not read the part 1a you can access it here In life, every first thing really matters, so be careful and don’t neglect. Jim Rohn said, “Neglect starts out as an infection then becomes a disease.” This is what I added only those that want to die on time will allow an infection to grow to be a disease in their body. Everything needs instant action, act now. The source of all information is the foundation at which others are built, don’t neglect to click the above link and read before you go ahead.

3 forces in life determine your rating and reigning. They are what you know-Knowledge. The information that you apply-Wisdom, and the assurance of your faith before you act-Understanding. Life is deep, and wide only those that are ready to exploit it can comprehend it. Anybody that wants to be known must first know. Knowledge is fundamental in the school of success.

This week let continue on the subject of vision. The new year is not really new it is just a new day that signifies the first day of another 365 days of opportunity giving to you by God to re-fire and instead of retire and is on fire instead of getting tire. Vision is the force that creates the change within and around you. To get the best out of this year, you must be pregnant with your vision. Vision is the only assurance of the future; Vision is the promise of tomorrow, and vision gives peace and guarantees a great destiny.

The 7 Benefits Of Vision

1. Vision brings a clear picture

2. Vision saves energy

3. Vision channels your strength-invest energy wisely

4. Vision promises and delivers peace in the middle of the storm

5. Vision creates and establishes a name

6. Vision singles out and separates from the crowd.

7. Vision create and design your own place in destiny.

The 3 Responsibilities In The School Of Vision
8. Pictures It
Pictures are the force behind replication. You shall have whatsoever you can see.

9. Speaks it
Words are unstoppable forces things into existence. You shall have whatsoever you say.

10. Work it
Work is a force that creates anything that you are ready to work. Vision is not for the lazy. Work works. You shall have whatsoever you work.

Life Secrets 101

Pictures are forces that flash the reality of the future. Works are forces that can create whatsoever you can see; works are forces that have the capability to create whatsoever that you can see. Life is all about the picture it, speak it and work it.

The price for achievement is sweat. The good thing about sweat is that it’s always sweet. Whatsoever you sweat to achieve will be undoubtedly sweet to eat.

Till you hear from me again remember the first don’t of life. Don’t Think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION.

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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3 thoughts on “The 12 Don’t Of Life. Part 1b…The 10 Secrets Of Vision

  1. Gede Prama

    thank you, the article and the true happiness rays began to warm hearts, when we share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂



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