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THE TRUTH (35) — VISION…05052015


The 12 Needful Of Life.
1. Vision Is What Enlist Into The University Of Life. Life Without Vision Is Life Without Future. Vision Is The Foundational Requirement In The School Of Champion. Those That Don’t Have It Will Surely Work For Those That Does.

2. Everything Is Born Out Of Vision. Vision Is The Key To All Round Success. Vision Is A Reflection Of What That Has Happened That You Need To Take Responsibility To Make Happen. It Is Not For All To Understand But The Few That Are Privileged.

3. Vision Is Life And Life Is Vision. Remove Everything From Life, It Becomes Ordinary But Remove Vision From Life It Becomes Dead.

4. You Can Live Without Sight But Nobody Can Live Without Vision. Vision Therefore Is The Hope And Foundation Of Good Living. Remember, You Can Do Nothing When The Foundation Is Destroy.

5. Everything Is A Product Of Idea But Every Idea Is A Product Of Vision. Vision Defines What You Want, Who You Are And How To Live. You Cannot Determine Or Communicate Yourself Without Vision. Vision Keeps You On Mission.

6. Vision Is Mirror Of Life. As You Know Mirror Reflect. If Nothing Reflect Who You Are That Means You Don’t Have A Mirror And If You Don’t Have A Mirror That Means You Are Not On Vision.

7. Those Who Think They Can Live Without Vision Are People That Are On The List For Perishing. You Don’t Just Need Vision To Live Life You Need It Not To Perish. Remember When There Is No Vision People Perish.

8. Vision Therefore Is What Prevent Life. It Sustain Living, It Protect Destiny And Guarantee The Future. Vision Is Simply God’s Intention On The Earth.

9. Marriage Without Vision Is Divorce In Picture. Marriage Vision Defines What To Do And Not To Do. Where To Go And Not To Go. Friends To Keep And The One Keep Where They Belong.

10. Finances Without Vision Is Unlimited Debt In View. Vision Tells What You Can Buy And Not To Buy. What You Can Afford And What You Can’t. It Differentiate Needs From Want. Finance Vision Say If You Buy What You Don’t Need You Will Soon Sell What You Need.

11. Vision Shut Down Headache And Introduce Peace. It Fight Confusion And Bring Clarity. Vision Create And Atmosphere Of Joy And Chase Away Disorderliness.

12. Everything That Gives You Joy Today Are Borne Out Of Someone’s Vision. Your Life Is Surrounded By Someone’s Happiness, Joy And Peace. Let Your Own Vision Be Seen, Let It Be Felt And Let The World Benefit From It. Get To Work Your World Needs Your Vision. It Is Possible If You Are Visible.

Think Vision Think Definition

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The 12 Don’t Of Life. Part 1b…The 10 Secrets Of Vision

MeI started last week on the 12 don’t of life, and the first Don’t is don’t think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION. I will continue on the first don’t of life this week. If you do not read the part 1a you can access it here http://wp.me/p2ylqq-pU. In life, every first thing really matters, so be careful and don’t neglect. Jim Rohn said, “Neglect starts out as an infection then becomes a disease.” This is what I added only those that want to die on time will allow an infection to grow to be a disease in their body. Everything needs instant action, act now. The source of all information is the foundation at which others are built, don’t neglect to click the above link and read before you go ahead.

3 forces in life determine your rating and reigning. They are what you know-Knowledge. The information that you apply-Wisdom, and the assurance of your faith before you act-Understanding. Life is deep, and wide only those that are ready to exploit it can comprehend it. Anybody that wants to be known must first know. Knowledge is fundamental in the school of success.

This week let continue on the subject of vision. The new year is not really new it is just a new day that signifies the first day of another 365 days of opportunity giving to you by God to re-fire and instead of retire and is on fire instead of getting tire. Vision is the force that creates the change within and around you. To get the best out of this year, you must be pregnant with your vision. Vision is the only assurance of the future; Vision is the promise of tomorrow, and vision gives peace and guarantees a great destiny.

The 7 Benefits Of Vision

1. Vision brings a clear picture

2. Vision saves energy

3. Vision channels your strength-invest energy wisely

4. Vision promises and delivers peace in the middle of the storm

5. Vision creates and establishes a name

6. Vision singles out and separates from the crowd.

7. Vision create and design your own place in destiny.

The 3 Responsibilities In The School Of Vision
8. Pictures It
Pictures are the force behind replication. You shall have whatsoever you can see.

9. Speaks it
Words are unstoppable forces things into existence. You shall have whatsoever you say.

10. Work it
Work is a force that creates anything that you are ready to work. Vision is not for the lazy. Work works. You shall have whatsoever you work.

Life Secrets 101

Pictures are forces that flash the reality of the future. Works are forces that can create whatsoever you can see; works are forces that have the capability to create whatsoever that you can see. Life is all about the picture it, speak it and work it.

The price for achievement is sweat. The good thing about sweat is that it’s always sweet. Whatsoever you sweat to achieve will be undoubtedly sweet to eat.

Till you hear from me again remember the first don’t of life. Don’t Think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION.

…Be Inspired, Help Others, And Live Abundance Life

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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MeVision Is The Secret Of Champions
The success of everything is hidden in the first picture that flashes in the mind of its carrier. The thought, idea, imagination, possibility that came so strong at the beginning, the new world that others don’t see and cannot see, the unstoppable force and energy with passion on the inside are the hidden secrets that make the total differences in the lives of those that are great and those that are not. It is no more a news that things we see in the physical are control by the things we cannot see. Life itself is run by the unseen. Everything we see today began from the picture and believe of someone that dare to believe and become.

As the picture of Windows is real in the sight of Bill Gates, so is the picture of Apple in the sight of Steve Jobs. Those that makes names and create new things around us today are vision driven. They see what doesn’t exist in sight of others but too real in their own sight. They can see the house in the forest. They can see the possibility of going into the moon. They can see the possibility of going against the law of gravity and invent the law of aerodynamic. I believe the first thing to pursue in life should be vision.

What Is Vision?
The ability to live, see and be ahead of others. It is seeing what is not existence in this world but very real in the unseen world. Vision is the capacity to see beyond your noise and the tapping force that covert nothing to something.

You Are A Vision
As you were conceive in the womb for nine months, and once a baby in the hands of your mother so is vision. She never see a baby but who you are presently. You are so real in her sight, she natured and cherished you with all her might and never let go, so is vision in the life of it carrier.

What To Do In January 2014
1. Start 2014 with vision, not with relationship.
2. Start 2014 with vision, not with money
3. Start 2014 with vision, not with acquisition of properties.

7 Life Nuggets Of Vision
1. Vision Protects From Nakedness
2. Vision Gives Direction And Build Energy
3. Vision Attracts Good People (Inner Circle)
4. Vision Builds Network (People That Will Pay For Your Products)
5. Vision Transform And Inform
6. Vision Gives Peace
7. Vision Guarantee Rest

Benefits Of Vision
1. Vision Breeds Peace
Assurance of What you are doing, where you are going and the end result.
2. Vision Saves Energy
You know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, with whom to do it, and for whom to do it.
3. Vision Create Lifestyle
You don’t live your life like others, you design pattern for living because you don’t want to be batter in life.
4. Vision Attract Followers
Inside every vision there is vision, because vision is a force that breeds and attracts other vision.
5. Vision Establish Your Name
Every product has a name and every products are breed by vision.

The Advice
This is the month of vision. Never begin what you are yet to see (Vision), and never commence what you are yet to finish.

The Secret
Without vision people perish, but he that locate and work his vision happy is he.

Call To Action
Never Start Any Project This Year Without Asking From God.

Your Responsibility
Call On God To Unfold The Vision Concerning Every Of Your Endeavors.

The Reality
What You Don’t See Before You Start, Will Disappear Without Giving You Notice. Vision Establish Life. Seek Vision, Follow Life And Adhere To God.

Remember the first don’t of year is Don’t Think You Can Go Far In Life Without VISION.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

The Secret101
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