The Power Of Leadership

Baba AdeboyeBishop DOMeOnly A fool Will Not Learn To Lead And Only A Fool Will Not Want to Lead

Leadership Is Simply Evidence Of Life Progress. That Is, Living A Life Of Pattern That Will Make Others Not To Be Batter.

When Your Result Is Unquestionable Your Influence Will Be Undeniable.

People Don’t Say Yes To Their Leader, They Only Say Yes To What They Carry. Leadership Is Leading Yourself First

Leadership Is Leading Yourself.

Leading Yourself To Be Great
Leading Yourself To Help Other
Leading Yourself To Be Debt Free
Leading Yourself To Be Sickness Free
Leading Yourself To Be Independent

Leadership Is From The Word Lead

L –Leading With
E—Enthusiasm And
A—Action With

Every Good Leader Is A Follower. Who You Follow Will Determine Who And What Follows You

Leadership Is Originality
Leadership Stop Emptiness
Leadership Is Solution To Problem
Leadership Is Answer To Life
Leadership Is Everything As Everything Is Leadership

Every Leader Is A Reflection Of Another Leader.

A Good Follower Is A Good Leader. Who Follows You Is You And You Are Who You Follow.

God Originate Leadership
Jesus Demonstrate Good Leadership
You Are The Next?

Where To Take Lead

Take Lead At Your Workplace— Do Your Job Well
Take Lead Among Your Equals— Be The Best
Take Lead In Your Work With God—Do It With Your Heart, Soul And Spirit
Take Lead At Home— Know Your Position And Work It

The Definition
Leadership Is Therefore The Efficient Management Of Resources (What Is Available For You To Work With), Time (Divine Assets) And Human Capacity (People In Your Team).

The Nuggets Of Leadership

Leadership Provoke Change For The New World
Leadership Put You In Charge To Take The Space
Leadership Produce The Next Leader
Leadership Is Responsibility To Take Over
Leadership Is Capacity To Get Work Gone

The Secret
Everything Rise And Fall On Leadership.

The Word On Leadership
Then the Lord God took the man (Leader) and put him in the Garden of Eden (Field Of Domain) to tend and keep it (Responsibility). Gen2:15 NKJV

If You Don’t Stand To Lead, You Can Never Sit To Be Serve.

Think Responsibility, Think Leadership, And Think You

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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