The Power Of Decision

MeDecison1Decision Determine Destiny.

Everything Is A Product Of Decision. Without Decision Nothing Is On Mission And Nothing Is In Motion. Decision Is The Key To Every Desire Of Mankind.

Decision Is the Principal Raw Material In Making Of Destiny. You Can Think, Plan And Imagine Possibility, But Without Decision Nothing Is Possible, Visible That Can Be Accomplish.

The Major Course In The School Of Life, In The Department Of Destiny, Is Decision 101. Until You Excel In It Success Is Not In view.

Decision Is The Fountain Of Life. It Brace Discipline With Determination, And Result To Life.

Decision Is Life Starter And Future Embracer. It Breeds Confidence And Guard Destiny.

The Decision Says You Cannot Avoid Me If You Want To Fulfill Destiny.

Real Life Is Decision And Decision Is Real Life.

Life Nuggets Of Decision
Without Decision Resources Will Not Be Enough
Without Decision Vision Will Be Blunt
Without Decision Life Will Be Incomplete
Without Decision Everything Will Be Stagnate
Without Decision Everything Will Be In Chaos

The Definition
Decision Is The Inner Power That Reminds Of Benefits And Consequences That Comes With Action, And Inaction.

Decision Is The Key To Living Your Life

Areas Of Decision
Decide To Be Quiet
Decide To Mind Your Business
Decide To Keep Focus
Decide To Quite Smoking
Decide To Love Your Wife
Decide To Respect Your Husband
Decide To Be Out Of Debt
Decide To Be Responsible
Decide To Make A Change

Decision Is Not A Gift But A Choice

The Place Of Decision
Your Present Situation Is Based On Your Yesterday Decision
Your Bank Account Balance Is Base On Your Decision
Your Relationship Is Base On Your Decision
Your Family Status Is Base On Your Decision
Your Life Circumstances Is Base On Your Decision

God Decided To Create You In His Own Image
Jesus Christ Decided To Pay The Price For Your Sin
Joseph Decided Not To Sin Against God With Just Five Minutes Sexual Offer
Moses Decided To Stand For God And Not Accept The Sinful Nature Of Egypt
Daniel And The Three Hebrew Boys Decided Not To Defied Themselves

The Word Of Decision

For she said (Decision), If I may Touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. (Mark 5:28 KJV)

The Secret
As Responsibility Is Vital In The School Of Planning And Action So Is Decision In The School Of Result And Life.

Think Through
Your Decision Makes You Can Read This. You Are A Product Of Decision

Think Good Foundation Think Decision

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

The Secret101
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Twitter: @adedokunr

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