Happy New Year Or Happy New You? Part 2


The 3 Secrets Of The Year

Purpose is the secret for living. Without it life will end in dilemma. You cannot earn enough, value your marriage and live your life in fullness without purpose. In fact, life without purpose is dead. God Himself has a purpose and plan for you. So work hard to discover your purpose and ready to work it. Yesterday I introduced to you the topic New Year or New You and I have discussed Your Word which is one of the secrets that will make this year NEW for anyone that care to engage it. So come with me as I take your through the school of life in the department of wisdom to know the second secret of life.

YOUR COURSEWhat Do you want to make happen

You are alive to make something happen refuse to end in the crowd if you want to wear the crown. If you want this year to be good for you, your path must be well defined. I don’t want you to be that person that wakes up every morning without motivation for purpose, I mean without enthusiasm for living. There are still what you can make happen if you commune with your head, heart and engage your spirit. Life needs so many things from you, so awake from sleep and get to work. You are too loaded to be listening to someone’s music 24hours a day without thinking of how to produce yours. You are not designed to watch someone on TV and not think of how you will get on air for the world to hear your own wisdom. I found this in 2013. Everything is possible, if you are positive. This is what propels me to write every day. I ask myself how many people are waiting to read what God is about to say through me? Friend you need to make your path straight and attractive, then life will send people your way to celebrate and follow you on the journey of life. This is what V.J. Smith said in his book The Richest Man In Town. “…you can change your world. Along the way, you have the opportunity to be a powerful influence in the lives of other people, no matter your position in life” Leadership is not leading people but leading a course. It is not occupying a seat but performing a feat. I have come to this understanding that everybody is a leader on the course that they are ready to run. So regardless of where you are right now, your world needs you. Discover your purpose run with passion and commit your life and results will be the next. You will be amaze at over 13,000 visitors in over 120 countries reading your inspiration or buying your products and services just as it happened to me within two years of investment.

THis is the secret possibility is inside discovery, as ability needs your passion and commitment for greatness. Refuse to stay in one spot, better your life and make the difference, 2016 is awaiting you.

Till I come your path again remember is it Happy New Year Or Happy New You.

To Your Success.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

FB: Rotimi Adedokun
Twitter: @adedokunr
Email: adedokunr@gmail.com


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