The Power Of Reading…The Secret Home(4)… Inspiration Unlimited


There are things that are written which you cannot change and they are things you must read if you don’t want to end stupid. What is written and what needed to be read came out of some of the statements of Jesus Christ, and this how He said it. It is written and have you not read?

There are things you don’t need to pray about if you know enough. Your knowledge therefore gives God rest and makes Him to trust you with more things. Until they are strong and knowledgeable citizens there cannot be a strong country. It is simple, good people produce a great country. How can they be a strong people when nobody wants to read, learn and know?

Reading is the platform of feeding your mind and spirit with power and energy so you can be ready when there is no time to get ready. In Other words reading is the capacity to living ready. If you think you don’t need to read, very soon you will know that you need to.

As you walk around, looking for your daily bread, you are dispensing both spiritual and physical energy. In order to see continuity in your life, wisdom demands renewal and refilling of your spirit, soul and body. Feeding your body with the essentials vitamins and feeding your spirit man with spiritual vitamins will transport your life to place that your equal cannot be. If your car needs gas, don’t you think your body, soul and spirit needs refill?

Thinking eating to feed your physical body for energy is only what you needed, very soon you will soon suffer spiritual deficiency. As you eat physical food so the spiritual foods are needed.

That was why Jesus said men shall not live by bread alone but by every words that proceed from the mouth of the lord. Thinking you can live without God’s words and other anointed inspirational words like reading from is naïve. You need the bible and other anointed messages from people that daily receive from God.

Ignoring the truth is simply accepting the lies. And when lies grow it become real, when reality dawn it becomes lifestyle and when lifestyle is established its affect family and family problem negatively affect the nation and the nation then start living under pressure. Here comes the secret there are no countries with problems but they are people without knowledge. For example people think is the governments that will give them what they need and help them prosper, but it is recorded that YOU will make your way prosperous and YOU shall good success if the bible does not depart from your mouth.

All readers have the capacity to lead in the areas of their focus. That is what birth the popular saying readers are leaders. So, show me a reader and I will point to you a potential leader.

Reading Illuminate
Reading Breeds Boldness
Reading Change Status
Reading Create New Lifestyle
Reading Gives Life

Reading Gods words and reading inspiration text from is a way of life and feeding your spiritual life.

There is one truth that i know. The changes that you want is in the change that you make. If you can make good changes you will see the changes. So Keep reading, keep learning, keep knowing and keep your life. Till you read from me again know that there is power in reading and those who live by it will change this world.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

The Secret101
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr


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