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The Secret Of Work
Work Is The Force That Makes The Unseen To Be Seen. It’s Turn Things Around For Change. Work Makes Things Happen And Create The World For All To Live. Work Is What You Are Born To Do, Job Is What You Are Pay To Do. They Can Fire You From Job, But Your Work They Cannot Touch.

The Secret
Work Comes Before Woman And Work Come Before Comfort And Pleasure. Your Work Is Your Life Not Job.

The Best Way To Kill A Man Is To Take Away Is Work.

The 10 Life Nuggets Of Work

1. Work Transform
2. Work Create Change
3. Work Re-brand Life
4. Work Fuels Destiny
5. Work Expand And Build Capacity
6. Work Make Things To Work
7. Work Breeds Qualification
8. Work Is A Mandatory
9. Work Dignify
10.Work Breeds Rest

In The School Of Life, Work Is The Key. Only Those That Really Work Will Really Enjoy It.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

The Secret101
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