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The Secret Of Waiting
Waiting Is The Force That Attract Unlimited Results, Compel Hope To Come Alive And Reward Genus Diligence. Waiting Is the Best Friend of Desire. Remember Hope Make Not Ashamed. Some Invest So Much In Planting, And Watering And Never Get Lazy At Plowing But Complain Of Late Harvest, Because They Forget Waiting.

If You Believe In Planting And Invest Maximally In Watering, You Never Get Lazy At Plowing But Complaining At Late Harvest. This Is Million Dollars Question Do You Know Anything About Waiting?
Waiting Is The Trust Relaxing Form That Guarantee The Coming Of The Good Future.

The Spiritual Understanding Of Waiting
Waiting Provokes Freshness And Strength
Waiting Give Energy For Soaring Like Eagles
Waiting Helps To Live Above Weakness
Waiting Empowers To Live Above Competitors
Waiting Guarantee Huge Rewards

The Secret
Waiting Assures A Seat Among Champions
Waiting Helps To Invest Energy In Right Direction
Waiting Get You Ready For The Next Task
Waiting Get Results Without Struggle
Waiting Invite Unlimited Peace

If You Control What You Can Control, What You Cannot Control Will Come Under Your Control. So Do What You Can Do And Expect God To Do What He Will Do.

Think Results Thing Waiting

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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Twitter: @adedokunr


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