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THE TRUTH (34) — THE BALANCE:…05042015


The Life Equalizer

1. Life Is All About Balance, The Reason Is Simple Everything Matters And Everything Affects Everything Else. If You Leave Part Of Your Life Unattended You Will Reduce And Some Of Your Life Will Not Be In Attendance.

2. If You Focus On Work And Don’t Give Attention To Family, Very Soon You Will Have No Work To Do. Your Inspiration Will Vanish And Your Zeal Will Go Negative. You Need To Balance Your Family Time And Work Today If You Don’t Want To Be A Loser.

3. If You Don’t Take Time To Ponder On Your Work And Finances, Thinking Everything Will Be Good Or Someone Is Responsible To Do That For You. You Will Soon Realize That You Are Just Trading Life For Nothing Instead Of Living. If You Can’t Show Anything As The Evidence Of Your Work That Simply Means You Have Not Been Working. You Need To Check How You Are Doing With Your Savings, Investment And Your Giving.

4. As You Give More Time For Your Job, So Invest More Time Into Your Work. You Need To Balance Your Job Life With Your Work Life. Job Is What You Do For Others While Work Is What You Do For Yourself. As You Work To Earn You Have To Remember You Need To Work To Create Earnings For Others.

5. If You Don’t Balance Living Life With Your Learning You Will Soon Loose Relevance. Without Learning, Life Will Reduce In Value And Greatness Will Never Be In View.

6. If You Don’t Balance Your Spiritual Life With Your Daily Living You Will Lose Your Worth. Your Color Is In Your Time With God Not The Noise That Is All Around You.

7. If You Don’t Balance Your Work Life With Your Relaxation Time You Will End Up As A Workaholic. Remember Activity Is Not Productivity. Result Is The Rule Of The Game. Working All The Time Does Not Mean You Will Have The Results All The Time. Take Time To Relax And Rest, Don’t Make The Mistake Of Missing Them Together. When You Are At Work Be At Work And If You Are Relaxing Be There.

8. If You Don’t Create Quiet Time, You Will Soon Loose Track And Run Dry Of Life. Everything That Work Is A Product Of Good Source. If You Don’t Go Quiet, Get Out From This World, Take Time Out To Receive From The Universe You Will Soon See Your Own Emptiness And Nakedness. As You Move Around Everyday You Are Dispensing, You Need To Replenish Your Body, Soul And Spirit.

9. Life Without Result Is Life Of Action Without Planning. You Need To Sit Down And Reason It Out First Before You Start Working It Out. If You Don’t Sit Down And Think, You Will Be On Your Feet And Be Frustrated.

Think Balance Think Good Living.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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