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Morning Dose 20150513…TAKE CHARGE


By The Leading Of Holy Spirit I Was Told To Tell You Today To TAKE CHARGE.

Today I want you to take charge. The reason is simple; if you don’t take charge you will pay too many charges. Government, your employer, phone company, friends and family will all charge you. So stand up and take charge.

You need to TAKE CHARGE if you don’t want to be charge. TAKE CHARGE not to lose your charge. TAKE CHARGE to be in charge and take charge to take the lead.

Take charge of your life, time, family, marriage/relationship, finances and future.

Today I charge you to take charge and be in charge of your own life.


…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun




The 12 Promising Secrets Of Result.

1. Preparation Is The Mother Of All Round Success. If Preparation Is Not Available, Life Will Become Miserable.

2. Preparation Is The Key To Winning. Skills And Talents Are Limited If Preparation Is Absent.

3. Failure Will Gain Ground If Preparation Is Not In Place And Slackness Will Takeover Destiny.

4. It Is No More A News That Proper Preparation Will Prevent Poor Performance. You Cannot Live Up To Standard If You Don’t Prepare Up To Standard.

5. Preparation Is The Foundational Secret To The World Of Unlimited Success. Preparation Enthrone Winners And Give Hope To Champions. This Is The Secret: If You Don’t Prepare You Don’t Have A Chance.

6. As Failure Will Be Challenged By Preparation So Success Will Last Long By It. Preparation Empowers Purpose And Enthrones Champions.

7. Preparation Is The Cost Of The Future And the Price Tag On Greatness. It Is The Treasure That You Use To Trade Success And Hope Of All.

8. Preparation Is Getting Ready For The Future, Imagining The Tomorrow And Silencing Fear.

9. Preparation Sets Apart And Provide A Place In Destiny. It Is The Sign Of Readiness And Assurance Of Results.

10. Struggle Is A Lack Of Preparation. When Preparation Is In Place Confidence Is Birth.

11. Preparation Is Going Ahead And Stay Ahead And You Finally Become A Voice. Confusion Is Always Awaiting First Timers, But When You Prepare You Erase Mistake And Enlist For Greatness. Preparation Makes One Escape Costly Mistakes.

12. Preparation Is Not Just Living Ahead It’s Also Staying Ahead. If You Don’t Fail To Prepare, Will Always Be Behind You.

Think Preparation Think Winning

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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