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Life Secrets 101 (Preparation) 2

MeThe level of your preparation will determine the degree of your usefulness.

There are two things that preparation does among others:
1. Preparation creates space
2. Preparation guarantees results

If you don’t prepare you don’t have a chance. But if you do, you have a better chance.

The preparation period is not a payment period, it is a training period. Where you develop the capacity for your future opportunities. The reason is simple. Without adequate training, preparation is not guaranteed and without preparation, there cannot be good earning.

The Secret
You can buy the FUTURE by your preparation and you can trade your future for LACK of it.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

Rotimi Adedokun

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The Secret Power Of Preparation

2 Chronicles 27:6. So Jotham became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God.

Preparation is the fundamental key in the school of success. Without preparation average life is guarantee. Therefore, the secret for excelling in life is preparation. The major cause of failure is lack of preparation, and the only chance for greatness is preparation. Preparation is the good intent towards life goal. Preparation guarantees peace and build confidence.

You either prepare to succeed or subscribe to regret because you don’t prepare. Those who embrace preparation will walk in peace and work with Joy. Preparation says it is possible, so let’s start working it now. Preparation says it will become simple if I can sit to work it and it will be hard if I neglect my part. Remember, proper preparation prevent poor performance.

You can prepare to be a millionaire by first managing the hundreds in your hands. If you can’t control $100 you may not save $1,000, and if you don’t know how to gather $1,000 you may never see $1,000,000.

You can prepare to be a better husband by showing love to your mother and sisters. You can prepare to be a good wife by respecting your father and brother. Marriage is not a change in life it is simply the reflection of one’s single life.

You can prepare to own your own business by first handle your employer business with all sense of responsibility. If you don’t know how to manage other people businesses you will surely mismanage yours.

The only responsibility of preparation is to get your ready for the opportunities and task ahead that will launch you into next level. Therefore as you step out today, I want you to run your life on the platform of preparation. Knowing that preparation is not a gift but a choice, but it is the choice of the wise. Join the world champions today, start preparing for your tomorrow.

Think Preparation Think Readiness.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun



The 12 Promising Secrets Of Result.

1. Preparation Is The Mother Of All Round Success. If Preparation Is Not Available, Life Will Become Miserable.

2. Preparation Is The Key To Winning. Skills And Talents Are Limited If Preparation Is Absent.

3. Failure Will Gain Ground If Preparation Is Not In Place And Slackness Will Takeover Destiny.

4. It Is No More A News That Proper Preparation Will Prevent Poor Performance. You Cannot Live Up To Standard If You Don’t Prepare Up To Standard.

5. Preparation Is The Foundational Secret To The World Of Unlimited Success. Preparation Enthrone Winners And Give Hope To Champions. This Is The Secret: If You Don’t Prepare You Don’t Have A Chance.

6. As Failure Will Be Challenged By Preparation So Success Will Last Long By It. Preparation Empowers Purpose And Enthrones Champions.

7. Preparation Is The Cost Of The Future And the Price Tag On Greatness. It Is The Treasure That You Use To Trade Success And Hope Of All.

8. Preparation Is Getting Ready For The Future, Imagining The Tomorrow And Silencing Fear.

9. Preparation Sets Apart And Provide A Place In Destiny. It Is The Sign Of Readiness And Assurance Of Results.

10. Struggle Is A Lack Of Preparation. When Preparation Is In Place Confidence Is Birth.

11. Preparation Is Going Ahead And Stay Ahead And You Finally Become A Voice. Confusion Is Always Awaiting First Timers, But When You Prepare You Erase Mistake And Enlist For Greatness. Preparation Makes One Escape Costly Mistakes.

12. Preparation Is Not Just Living Ahead It’s Also Staying Ahead. If You Don’t Fail To Prepare, Will Always Be Behind You.

Think Preparation Think Winning

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will makes you free.”

The Secret Home(16)…The Secret Of Preparation…Inspiration Unlimited


The Secret Of Preparation
If You Are Not Prepare You Can’t Get The Best Of Opportunity. Success Is Simply When Opportunity Meet With Preparation.

The Level Of Your Preparation Will Determine The Level Of Usefulness. How Far You Will Go, Will Be Determine By How Far You Have Prepare. You Don’t Prepare During And After Challenges, Rather You Prepare Before And After Challenges. Life Challenges Don’t Give Notice, Live Ready Don’t Get Ready If You Don’t Want To Lose.

The Definition
Preparation Is finishing a task before you begin.
Preparation Is Living In The Future.
Preparation Is Going Ahead Others.
Preparation Is Building Reserve
Preparation Is Provoking Results

The Secret Of Preparation
Preparation Is Living Ready For Life Circumstances.
Preparation Is Winning Before You Start
Preparation Is Living Beyond Expectation
Preparation Is Going Beyond Limit
Preparation Is Taking Control Of Situation

Life Nuggets Of Preparation
Prepare To Build Your Family If You Don’t Want To Regret Your Marriage
Prepare To Be Out OF Debt If You Don’t Want To Be A Slave To Others
Prepare To Work Your Vision If You Don’t Want To Regret Your Life
Prepare To Think Possibility If You Don’t Want To End In Liability
Prepare To Be In Charge Of Your Life, If You Don’t Want to Be A Failure

The Responsibility Of Preparation
You Cannot Delegate Preparation
The First Stage To Failure Is Lack Of Preparation
The Little Time Of Preparation Can Save You A lot Of Time In Action
If You Prepare You Have A Chance
Lack Of Preparation Will Cost You Time, Energy And Resources.

Preparation Breeds Influence And Absence Of It Breed Opposition. Therefore, the best way to Retain Your Power Is To Prepare, Prepare And Prepare.

Think Preparation Think Unlimited Success.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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PREPARATION…One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.



Your Level Of Your Preparation Will Determine Your Level Of Your Usefulness. Preparation Strengthens And Breeds Confidence. Preparation Is About Living Ready For Your Opportunity.

Preparation Is The Act Of Faith, Which Makes One To Live Ahead, Stay Ahead And Propel To Action.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Life Outcomes Are All Products Of Your Capacity Of Preparation. As Solider Don’t Prepare In Battlefield, But Prepare For Battlefield. So Nobody Prepare In Life To Win Life, You Have To Prepare For Life To Win.

You Can Prepare Ahead But You Cannot Prepare Enough. Life Results Are Function Of Adequate Preparation.

One Word, Express In One Hundred Words In One Hundred Days.

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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