THE TRUTH (38) —THE OBVIOUS…05082015


The Hidden Secret Of Living Life.
1. Life Is About Process And Progress. The Reason Is Simple Everything Is Ready Before You Are Ready. All You Just Need To Do Is To Follow Pattern And You Will Not Be Astern.

2. You Cannot Jump You Can Only Grow. Those That Jump Up Will Fall Down, But Those Who Grow Up Will Stay Up. You Cannot Violate The Law Of Life And Take The Lead. Life In Itself Has Inbuilt Law That Must Be Obeyed Or You Are Out Of The Race.

3. Miracle Is The Act Of God Provoked By Men Not The Demand Of Men Expect From God. God Don’t Get To Work On Your Own Terms But On His Own Stated Plans And Purpose For Your Life.

4. Someone Is In Charge. If You Ask Me It Is God. Someone Owns Everything If You Want To Know It Is God. Everything Is Direct And Transparent But It Is Only Visible To Those That Want To Learn And Know.

5. The Blind Will Always Be Blind Regardless Of Their Physical Sight. No Matter The Level Of Assistance You Offer, If It Is Not Their Time To See They Cannot. If It’s Their Turn To See You Won’t Need To Invest So Much.

6. The Weak Will Always Be Weak No Matter The Support You Offer. Leave Them To Be Weak, Because It Is Not Their Time To Be Strong. If It Gets To Their Turn Life Will Surge In Them And They Will Do The Right Thing.

7. Knowledge Is The Foundational Secret In This World. Until You Know You Will Not Know And When You Know You Will Know. If Knowledge Is Not Available Life Will Be Difficult. The Only Language Of The World Changers Is Knowledge.

8. Meditation Is What Creates Solution To Life. Meditation Breaks Down Problems And Dissolve Doubt. If You Engage Your Soul Without Distraction You Will Command Your World Without Stress.

9. Your Strength Is In Your Focus, As Your Life Depend On Your Plans And Actions. If You Really Want To Matter, You Need To Invest In Things That Matter. Increase Your Self Esteem And Build Your Knowledge Base.

10. The Only Thing That Is Free Is What You Pay For, And The Only Thing That You Don’t Have Is What You Can’t Afford. Everything Is Available If You Are Ready. Greatness Is Not Free, Success Is Not Cheap, So Life Is Demanding.

Think The Obvious, Think The Happening.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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