Morning Dose 20150522…..HOLDING ON


One Of The Secret That I Discovered Which Empowers For Success Is HOLDING ON

Sun will shine, rain will drain, people will hate, friends will betray, government will tax, boss will insult, siblings will compete, but regardless I want you to hold on. People want to know what could have stopped you not what stops you.

Hold on to you vision, dream, passion, zeal because these are all that you got. You have to love what you have in other to get what you want. Don’t complain just hold on.

Don’t hang on, you may find yourself where you don’t want if you do. Those that hang on will lose hope and give up.

Do all that you could to hold on, stay and belief. If you persist enough, you will develop magnet that will attract what you need. Hold on to your faith, hold on to your family and hold to your vision.

This morning I challenge you to hold on and not hang on.

Hold On!

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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