THE TRUTH (49) —BUILD TO LAST…050192015


The Secret Today That Create The Future That You Want

1. Living For Now Will Make You Lose Relevance. Those Who Think The Future Will Never Be A Fool. Good Lives Are Built To Last.

2. If You Leave Your Life To Chance You Will Lose All Your Chances. Good Life Is Taking Responsibility. Good Live Is To Be Mindful Of Seasons And Life.

3. If You Acquire A Good Knowledge Of Marriage Before Marriage. You Have Successful Close Your Door To Divorce. The Secret To Solidify Your Marriage And Build A Walls Against All Attacks of Intruders Is Simply Love Your Wife And Submit To Your Own Husband.

4. To Build Your Finances You Have To Save 10 %, Invest 10%, Give 10% and Live On 70%. When You Save You Protect Your Future, When You Invest You Buy The Future And When You Give You Exempt Yourself From Living At The Will Of others.

5. The Key To Good Living Is Faith. Without Faith It Is Impossible To Identify The Secret And Run With It. Have Faith In God, Believe In Yourself And Give Your Best To Your Faith.

6. Good Vision Outlives The Carrier. Work On Your Vision, Invest In Yourself. Dream Big As You Can Run With Your Vision With Wills And Zeal. Vision Empowers To Live After Death.

7. Don’t Seek To Be Known, Seek To Know And All Men Will Soon Seek To Know You. Don’t Seek Significant Seek Relevant And Once Your Relevance Is Sustain You Naturally Command Significance.

Think Build To Last Think Relevance

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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