Morning Dose 20150609…ACTIVE PLANNING


From My Past Experiences I Think To Be Relevant We All Need To Major In ACTIVE PLANNING.

One thing is sure, lack of active planning will wreck good life. I have heard a lot that fail to plan is plan to fail. Permit me to add that fail to plan is automatic regret which will result in living below standard. Planning is simply living your life before it comes. It is swimming in the reality of the future before you get there. Lack of active planning is fitting into someone else’s active plan.

This is the secret, there is no idle person in life. You are either active for self or you are active for the actives. If you are not working things for yourself you will be working for others. If you don’t have good plan for your money, someone somewhere will plan for it and you don’t have an option than to handover it when it’s been called for. The same goes for your time and vision and dream. If you don’t have good plan someone, somewhere is planning for you. It is called Leverage.

This is my message for you today ACTIVE PLANNING SAVES LIFE. Regret and confusion therefore are products of lack of planning. Remember, Proper Planning Prevents Plagues. The plague of borrowing, begging, confusion and low self-esteem.

Never start the day until you plan for it. Think Active Planning, Think Safety.

Active Planning!!!

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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