Morning Dose 20150613…RESPECT THE WORD


Have Respect For The Word

Words are God’s like—you cannot separate God from the word. If you are a person of words you will surely win. Words are God and God is the word. Words are creative—they have the capacity to create anything. Words are what you cannot see that have the ability to perform what you can see. If you can find the right word, all negative situation will disappear and you will triumph without sweat.

Instead of fighting situation or contending with circumstances, I will advise you to labor and find the right word. This is the secret: If you are smart about the word you will be in control of your world. You can only live your real life by the words, you can only take lead by the words, you will only prevail by the words you will influence your world by words. Words are secret keys to this world of unlimited possibilities.

Your career and family will only triumph on words. You can only get out of debt when you locate the word. Your influence can on be establish on words. Words are life and life are words. Challenges have their source in lack of word.

Today I want you to refuse negative words but speak positive words. Remember, it is the entrance of word that gives life and words are spirit and life.

Respect the Word!!!

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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