Morning Dose 20150620…PRAYER


I’m Here To Ask If You Have Prayed

As communication is one of the evidences of healthy relationship, so pray is the evidence of your heart to God. Prayer is an act of communicating to God base on His words. Prayer is the force that changes things and the secret behind the renewal of destiny.

One of the good things that you can do for yourself is to renew your prayer altar and talk to God often. Men are limited but God is unlimited. What you need now and the things you will need in the future are all in the hands of God. So, why are you asking for right thing from wrong person? Remember the earth is of the lord and the fullness therein.

Jesus said come to me all you that labor and I will give you rest (come talk to me I am ready for you) Don’t you know if you pray about your present situation God can change it for good? Talking to God guarantee peace and answer. Stop talking to people about what others has done wrong for you. Start reporting them to God via prayer. If God step in and handle the situation every storm will be over and opposition will turn to friend. Remember if God is for us who can be against us. Rom 8:31

Before you leave your house, go on your knees and pray. God is waiting, willing and ready to talk to you. Remember, you need to pray without ceasing and men always ought to pray and not to faint.

Be Prayerful.

…be inspired, live abundant life and help others, because life is good.

The Secret Man

Rotimi Adedokun


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