Morning Dose 20150710…BEST, WORST AND PRICE

Best Worst And Price

Expect The BEST, Prepare For The WORST And Ready To Pay The PRICE

Greatness will always elude those that can’t pay the price for success. Regardless of your goals and zeal for achievement, you still need to give respect to the law of process and progress. Every success comes with price and all prices come with value. Nothing is free and all prizes worth their price. As there is no champion without scald and no winner without evidence of fight and competition, so life will never trust you with results without first testing your capacity to handle it. Therefore, success is not free and freedom has a cost.

The law of profiting states that nothing will give to you without first take from you. The capacity of your giving will determine the rating of your earning. Smartness does not work in the school of success it is following working system that does. If you follow success protocol you will soon be prone to more results.

Every world class wrestler wrestles to become one. All world class sport champions trained and played to become one. Every world class leaders pays due price to become one. If you don’t want to follow rules you are on your way to be ruined. If you don’t want to escape the process you will never progress and will soon end without accessing your destination. Failure is cheap but wisdom is expensive. Greatness has a price tag and mediocre is on 100% on sale. Make a choice.

As you are stepping into the world of winners and ready to compete for championship, I want you to give your best to get the best, but expect challenges on the pathway to success and ready to pay the price for greatness. Having in mind that nothing is free except what you pay for. Also knowing that without price you will perpetually end with plagues.

Think Price Think Assurance.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun


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