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Morning Dose 20150713…CONTINUITY


ContinuityApply The Law Of Continuity

Continuity is the way out of the impossibility.  Nothing will be impossible if you refuse to give up. They are two types of people that you can’t win. The person that refuse to sleep until the necessary is done and the person will refuse to stop asking until he find the answer.

The law of continuity states that whatever that is not designed to work will work if you refuse to stop working. Continuity is the ability not to give up until you find, locate and create solution to the challenges of life. Life is tough and only the tough will stand in the tough time. Life is deep only the dedicated can go far in the dark time. Answer is not on the shallow you have to dig deep to find the treasure of life.

Until you refuse to stop you will soon be stopped. Until you refuse to give up life will tell you off. Until you see the little light at the end of the tunnel you will be stagnated and never proceed. Only those that see like God will command result. God refused to see darkness He spoke light. He refused to see bushes, He spoke garden. He refuse to see disarrangement He spoke order.

Refuse to embrace failure go for success. Refuse to see loneliness create a new environment of love. Whatever happen is not the issue, it is what you do about it. The same rain fall on the poor and the rich. The same weather for everyone, but the force of continuity make some to maximize uptime and others embrace down time. Life is about work and results which are products of continuity. The wise will never give up but continue to work it until it works.

As you step out this morning I want you to know that there is always a way out of all challenges if you refuse to give up. Remember solution is always looking for continuity but continuity have to work hard to find solution.

Think Possibility Think Continuity

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

The Power Of Continuity

MecontinuityContinuity Is The Backing Force That Mirror Your Life Intent On A Course.

Continuity Is The Invisible Zeal That Generate The Unlimited Drive For Result.

Continuity Is The Consistency That Embrace Persistency With Tenacity, Ability And Capacity For Original Result Of Life.

Continuity Is Simply Saying Yes I Believe, Therefore I Will Not Stop.

The Believe Of Continuity

I Will Make It Work Because It Will Work
I Will Put My Best, In Other To Get My Best
I Am Responsible To Make It Work
It Will Work If I Work It
Nothing Works Except I Work

Life And Continuity

Life Is A Treasure Within While Continuity Is The Discovery
Life Is A Vision While Continuity Is The Mission
Life Is The Purpose While Continuity Is The Accomplishment
Life Is Identification While Continuity Is The Drive For The Reality
Life Gives Direction, Continuity Is The Zeal That Generate The Result.

Think Through The Following:
Imagine God Got Tired On The Fifth Day Of His Creation
Imagine Jesus Christ Got Tired To Pay The Ultimate Price Of Death For You And I
Imagine Abraham Got Tired Of Believing God For Isaac
Imagine Moses Got Tired Of Going To Pharaoh To Free The Israelite
Imagine Elijah Didn’t Sent His Servant Seven Times To Check For Rain

Good Life Is Simply Continuity

The Definition

Continuity Is What You Have Seen Happened In The Spirit Realm, That You Have To Make Happen In The Physical.

Areas Of Continuity

Your Love For God
Your Love For His Word
Your Love For His People
Your Love For Your Spouse
Your Love For Your Family
Your Love For The World
Your Love For Wisdom

Benefits Of Continuity

Continuity Generate Inner Peace
Continuity Produces Life Progress
Continuity Build Self Confidence
Continuity Makes You A Champion
Continuity Breeds The Leader In You

Start Shows Your Interest While Continuity Show You Believe In The Reality.

So let us not become TIRED Of DOING GOOD (Continuity) for if we do not give up, the time will come when we will reap the harvest. (Galatians 6:9 GNB)

The Secret
Whenever You Don’t Feel Like Doing What You Should Do, That Is The Right Time To Do What You Need To Do.

Continuity Is Ultimate Rule Of Solid Success.

Think Result Think Continuity

…be inspire, live abundant life, help others.

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