Daily Archives: July 18, 2012


The Land is Full of Abundance , but lack is everywhere

People are crying because there is no depth anywhere.

The young don’t have strength again because they don’t want to learn from nowhere.

The old are dieing with their knowledge, because the young are nowhere.

The Princes and Princesses are going everywhere because they don’t know they are designed for somewhere.

Only few are ready to sit and buildup their future for somewhere.

We need to think,if we want to link anywhere. We also need to ask ourselves where.

We need to reason to see the reality of our result everywhere.

I don’t care where you are today, but I know that knowledge of God can take you anywhere.

You may be in control of the world today, but I know lack of knowledge will makes lose it to the wise somewhere.

The Secret101
Adedokun Rotimi