The Secret101/Creation & Wisdom (5)

Monday is a Creation & Wisdom day. Welcome to this great day of creation and application knowledge. I have shared with you on the 3S’s, and 3B’s in the school of life and success, I will like to share with you the 3 secret P’s in the school of success that makes people wealthy. Before I continue I will like you to understand some facts. 1 It is what you know and apply that gives you name. 2. There is no competition in the school of greatness. Competition is the uncertainty of your vision. 


In the school of Life what you Say, determine what you See, that comes back to Stay. Also before you can Be, Do and Have, you need to Believe, Belong and Behave. So, the main powerful forces that bring the solution to anybody are the 3 P’s, that am about to share with you. The first P is People. People is the key to the world of excess, abundance and too much more. 

The business term for PEOPLE is called NETWORK. Any vision that is not design for people’s consumption and satisfaction is not a vision. That is why we have radio network, television network, and other media networks etc. Real wealth is build on network. The wise don’t care how long it will take them to build their network, but the fool prefer to be in the network of the wise and make it work. Network builders go for profit, not wages, they go for people they don’t wait for 30days. Network builders think creation, they don’t think salary. Network builders don’t care about today, but what the effort of their today will give tomorrow.


Till next week that I continue sharing on the 3 P’s. Remember, you can create the live that you want in this world that we live.


Hope you are having nice time at work? Please rebroadcast.


The Secret101



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