The Secret101/Life Management (5)

Tuesday is a Life Management Day. I found this quote relevant from our last week teaching “if you don’t give it all it takes, you cannot get all that you want”. Let talk about life and time management. Everything that you are enjoying is a product of what someone created, everything is created by time, and every creator has a name. If you agree with me I will say you are the builder of your destiny. Therefore, you are the person, responsible for all things that life brought to you.

Anytime you hear Pastor E.A Adeboye what comes to your mind is The Redeemed Christian Church of God. What if you hear Bishop David Oyedepo, the next thing on your mind is Winner Chapel (Living Faith Church). In the school of life every success is build on Name. That’s why you have to register your company name for government and clients to know and identify. For your information names are not just for identification, but also for Recognition.

Recognition crown’s you, Identification crowd you. Recognition set you up and apart. Identification keeps you down on the floor. That’s why every thing both in heaven and on earth has names. When God created things in the beginning, the first assignment He gave man is to give name (Gen 2:19). So, it is of God to give you an idea or vision, but of you to create name around it. Your car, wrist watch, school, work place, even the country that you live are all vision, but someone created the name.

Anytime you are using any product, you are actually advertising someone’s name. Why? Every product has the name of the manufacturer. The secret way to start the building your own name is the usage of one hour. Do you know that one hour every day for 365days will give you 365hours which is equal to over 15 days plus? Invest in yourself, read, think and plan. Until you invest in your name it will never be know. Every dividend is a product of good investment. Why will none living things names be heard and the living things are in hidden? Make a choice.

The secret is this, Service breeds greatness. Service is the key to good name. Help people, without expecting anything. Take away their sorrow, forget about yours. Offer yourself, be the person helping others. The person that is capable to help you tomorrow, is the person that you are capable of helping today. If you do this overtime, your name will be heard all the time. The good news is that if you help people out of their problem you can’t be in your problem.

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Say to the righteous that it shall be well with him/her, for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.


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