The Secret101/Self Development (5)

Thursday is a Self Development Day. You are the person that you need, if you want to get out of need. Value added to life is greatness added to destiny. Don’t let each day pass you by, learn,learn and learn. Learning is one of the values in the school of leadership. You must expand if you don’t want to be ban. Knowledge is what takes you up to the realm of no limit.

There must be a space in you to receive more about future, finances, investment, relationship, health, business. Stop expanding Start deteriorating. Stop information Start deformation. Stop thinking Start stinking. Stop searching and you become a slave, because King search what God hid Pro25:2. In the school of success you are not neutral is either you are moving forward or you are going down.

If you are not what people say you are, prove it by your result. Awake the sleeping giant in you let him go to work, be logical about life think differently, lock yourself up, think deep. There is always a way out. Life want to give you more than you need, but life won’t give beyond what you can accommodate. So build up, think deep.

Development your talent turn it to gift, work on gift makes it skill, know how to relate, how to think and add value, how to ask questions, don’t allow the day leave you behind. Be in the front line, never you stay back. Offer life what you got, His going to give all that you want. The key to achievement is self development. Nothing will never happen until you happen. Breakout, breakthrough so you can break forth.

Every life is at 1, so your ability to turn 360 degree, makes it 10, and another turn makes 100, and another makes it 1000 till you are satisfy. You are the only limit to your Limit. Life is all about as far as you can SEE. So if you can SEE and KNOW, you will KNOW and SEE that there is a place call THERE. So work on yourself to leave HERE for there. People that can SEE their tomorrow, will never be bother about what today is offering. Don’t join them to LOOK around, standout to SEE the future.

Good morning. Please rebroadcast

The Secret101
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Say to the righteous that it shall be well with him/her, for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.


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